The Amazing Race “Go Out and Get It Done” Review

I’m actually kind of glad that The Amazing Race is ending already. Don’t get me wrong, I love this show, and I think “Go Out and Get It Done” was a solid finale, but I can NOT handle any more football analogies from Marcus. This is the SuperBowl now! We’ve got home field advantage! We’re on the ten yard line! I caught the ball in the end zone and I dropped it! Gaahh!! Stop it! Just freaking stop it!

Phew, now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s get right into the episode! The teams quickly left Panama and went to their final destination city: Atlanta, Georgia! I, like Sandy, was a bit concerned when I found out that Atlanta was Amani and Marcus’ hometown, but it turned out to do them little to no good. I mean, I guess that I shouldn’t be so surprised that flying a plane is such a complex procedure, but man was Marcus having a hard time with it.

After Jeremy/Sandy and Ernie/Cindy breezed through the flight simulation challenge, I thought that Amani and Marcus would be right behind. Unfortunately, this challenge killed their chances and put them way behind. Going to the wrong dump also put Sandy and Jeremy behind for good, and despite a last minute fake out, Ernie and Cindy ended up maintaining their lead and won the race!

While I wasn’t really actively rooting for anybody since Andy and Tommy got ousted last week, I was genuinely happy to see Ernie and Cindy win. I’m glad that the race didn’t completely destroy their budding relationship, as it definitely has done to previous couples, and seems to have strengthened it instead. I really did enjoy this season, and I’m hoping that next season being the 20th for this award-winning show means we get some kind of all star season. Here’s hoping that we see Andy and Tommy return and win the million!

Random Thoughts:

– I laughed out loud when Sandy was so verbally upset about going to Atlanta. I thought she had something against the city, but then it made sense that she was just concerned about it being Amani and Marcus’ hometown.

– Man, you couldn’t really blame Jeremy and Sandy’s taxi driver for taking them to “The Dump”. I mean, the man heard them say “The Dump” and he took them there! How were they supposed to know there was also a business with the same name?

– Um, did anybody know what the Swan House was? Phil tells us it’s the most recognizable landmark in Atlanta, but I’d never heard of it. Ernie and Cindy’s cab driver apparently didn’t know either.