DEXTER “Talk to the Hand” Review

I don’t often share personal stories in my reviews, but watching the most recent episode of Dexter made me want to share a little anecdote. A couple years ago I came to the realization that I wasn’t happy with my weight, so for the 2010 new year I resolved to lose weight. I signed up for Weight Watchers, and over the next seven months I gradually lost 50 pounds and have now kept it off for about a year and half! One of the most common Weight Watchers mantras was “Call it a vegetable and move on”. This means that if you mess up and have a slice of chocolate cake or something, you shouldn’t dwell on it and give up on your diet for that day, instead you should just pretend it was a vegetable and move on!

I think this often used mantra applies perfectly to this sixth season of Dexter. After watching “Talk to the Hand”, I’m ready to just call it a vegetable and move on.

Is season six the worst season of Dexter? Yes. Is the show bad now? No. Does this season retroactively make the whole show terrible? No. I’m not ready to start saying the show has jumped the shark, as many fans of Dexter have been saying online, but I can’t say I don’t understand their frustration.

I guess I should start talking about the episode, and it certainly didn’t start out very well. First of all, Travis’ decision to attack Miami Metro was such BS from the start. So he had no idea what to do with this chemical weapon of mass murder? He had to have a cop walk into his apartment before he thought “Oh, so THIS is what we should do with our weapon of mass destruction?! Got it.” Well, it certainly didn’t pan out like he thought, with absolutely nobody being killed except for her thanks to some last minute detective work from Dexter. I couldn’t believe how lame it was when Deb asked him how he found out about Beth Dorsey, and he just says “Lucky, I guess”. Does Deb follow up on this answer? Not really. Really, Deb? The guy was able to find out that this woman was working with DDK, was carrying a giant chemical weapon, and was able to save everybody and kill her in one fell swoop. But you were able to find all this out and save my life with zero explanation? No problem! Love ya, bro! Give me a break.

Now on to the bright side: The most compelling part of the episode continues to be Deb’s story lines. We’re getting to a serious crossroads in her case with Matthews, and it’ll be good to see how that resolves itself. We also had quite a huge development in her sessions, as her therapist comes to a bold diagnosis: She’s attracted to Dexter. It actually makes a lot more sense than you would think, considering her history with men, but man did that dream sequence get awkward quick! I thought I would be at least morbidly curious to see where that story goes, but after watching that scene I’ve quickly realized how incredibly weird it would be if that relationship went anywhere. But we’ll see, I guess.

The final scene was pretty cool, and adequately ramped things up for next week’s season finale, but there was one thing that really bothered me. Did Dexter’s symptoms have to come back at that exact moment? It seemed way too convenient and goofy that his nose would start bleeding and his vision would blur at the precise moment that he needs to be most alert. It just smacks of the writers having an end goal and cutting corners to get us there. Couldn’t he have had Dex just lose in a fight for once?

At this point, even if the next episode is transcendent, this will no doubt go down as my least favorite season of Dexter. Here’s hoping the show can improve in it’s seventh and (Hopefully final) eighth season, but we’ll see. In the meantime, let’s just call it a vegetable and move on!

Random Thoughts:

– Couldn’t Deb or anybody listen to the anonymous caller who called in about Wormwood and identify them as Dexter?

– If you’re orchestrating a giant attack on a police department, wouldn’t you be scouring news channels and websites in order to see how it turned out? Travis was just channel surfing while eating some strawberry ice cream and just happened to come across some news coverage? I don’t think so.

– Would filming a love scene be more or less awkward if you’re filming opposite your ex wife?