Burn Notice “Acceptable Loss” Review

Burn Notice (USA) Acceptable Loss

In this episode of Burn Notice, titled “Acceptable Loss”, we really find out what that term means. One of Jesse’s friends asks for his help to take down a bad guy but when all of their tricks and games don’t work, they are forced to back off. That is until Ian decides that the only way to catch the creep is have him commit a murder – his murder.

Even after Ian said that he only had a few months to live, a part of me was still thinking that somehow Michael and Jesse would figure out a way to do what needed to be done without Ian having to die. Even when he got shot, I expected him to get up and claim it was all fake and reveal some ulterior plan. I never truly expected it to go down like that and in the end, I was sad that Ian had to die. Though I did admire the fact that he (like Jesse said), did it on his own terms.

Meanwhile Michael has found out that his old friend (and I use that term loosely) Vaughn has a connection to Anson and uses him to get some more information about his newest enemy. After a few genius threats, Michael manages to get Vaughn to tell him what is probably the worst news ever – Anson’s not looking to retire, he wants to bring the whole operation back online. What Michael is going to do with that bit of info I have no idea, but I’m very excited to see what happens in next week’s season finale.
My favorite bits..

“A spy’s life rarely starts with a happy childhood.” – Ouch, what a sad line.

Maddie ordering Michael to do whatever it takes to make sure than Anson doesn’t ruin any other lives.

Michael playing the idiot tourist to get a badge for Fiona.

“I know someone who needs an ass kicking.” – Don’t we all, my friend.

“Robbing a guy in broad daylight – that’s a Fi kind of job.”

Wow, that is indeed a mountain of paperwork. I would make Michael share it with me, too.

“I have an idea.”
“Why do I always feel like those are the last words I’m ever going to hear?”

That awesome car chase between Fi and their target.

“I thought impossible was what you did?”

“Hey look lady, twenty grand or bad things start happening.”

Jesse pointing out to the guard that the pen he pulled out of his pocket was for writing words. I’m so glad he cleared that up.

Loving Fi and Sam’s definition of “sending up a smoke signal.”

Ian talking to Michael about how he’d spend most of his life making excuses for doing bad things.

Wow. Even knowing it was coming, watching Ian get shot was still awful.

Michael begging Pierce not to press any further.

Michael pulling out some goons, including Simon, to make Vaughn talk. Brilliant.

What did you think of this episode of Burn Notice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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