The X Factor (US) “Top 5 Results” Review

I’m pretty good at calling it, huh. Well, sort of.

Yesterday I predicted Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty would be bottom two. They were.

I also predicted the fact that Marcus’s time had run out, that yesterday’s performance was the best of his career—and that it didn’t matter. He simply hadn’t built up the kind of fan base others had. It was a good run, a long run, but for a guy with an average voice on a show with people like Melanie Amaro, he just couldn’t last, good stage presence or not.

I especially thought that when Nicole Scherzinger let the final vote go Marcus’s way—thereby putting it in the hands of the voting public—Marcus was especially screwed. Because I expected he’d have the lowest total. Like by far.


So instead we got Rachel dropping to her knees in sobbing disbelief as the verdict came down—her dreams crushed. Crushed!

(I sort of love how they play up on this. They sometimes act as though just being on the show isn’t the greatest amount of exposure they’d ever get.)

Which… for next week, basically makes Marcus Canty a marked man. He’ll have to continue walking a very non-offensive tightrope, since he’ll now have the Drew Rinowicz and the Rachel Crow fans all gunning for him.

(Hey, at least The X Factor isn’t Survivor. Can’t exactly get voted off the show, eh?)

What this best highlights is exactly how horribly inept Nicole Scherzinger is. Because let’s face it—Rachel kicked Canty’s ass in the sing-off. Marcus sang his “save me” song like he was mad at the world, almost like he was just getting impatient with the show. It almost felt as though he were saying, If you don’t like me, just send me home already! And Rachel’s performance was anything but that. As much as I harp on Crow for her big fake Shirley Temple smile, there was nothing fake about that final performance. She put her soul out there for all to see.

You knew L.A. Reid was gonna stick by his man. (“This is the hardest decision I’ve had to make” is on par with “You worked it out, dawg,” as far as automated singing competition judge quotes go.) But Scherzinger was already bawling crocodile tears before sticking that knife into Rachel’s back, waving her hands and putting on airs, as though she didn’t know Rachel had just completely trounced Canty. (What, the crowd behind her chanting Rachel’s name wasn’t enough?) The fact that they booed Scherzinger—loudly—when Steve Jones offered her the mic was pretty much expected. Not a happy crowd.

That said… look, people, if she was the lowest vote-getter… that’s that. I can harp on Scherzinger for being an imbecile all day and night, but it’s not her fault Rachel Crow got the lowest number of votes. Those votes came in after Canty had the best performing night of his life.

So I guess I have to say it again: next week on The X Factor… Marcus Canty has to be gone, right?

He can’t possibly win.


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