Person of Interest “Get Carter” Review

Oh, so this is the reason that we’ve had this annoying character on this show for the last nine episodes! It all makes sense now, kind of…

Anyway, Person of Interest returned from it’s mini-hiatus tonight with “Get Carter”. Which, just as it sounds, is all about Ms. Carter’s number coming up in the system. From the beginning of the episode, it seems like M. Elias is the one trying to take down Carter, and this leads to her questioning M. Elias’ dad, Moretti. Moretti was played by the great character actor, Mark Margolis, who’s been seen most recently as Tio Salamanca on Breaking Bad.

Elias isn’t the only suspect of the attack on Carter, though. We’ve also got an abusive husband and a corrupt car detailer to worry about. I thought it was cool how they worked these other two suspects effortlessly into the story so that you could really believe any of the three of them wanting to take her out. I was a little bummed that we got the scene between Fusco and his friend Captain, though, as it kind of took away the suspense as to which of these suspects was behind the attempt on Carter’s life.

Thankfully, this didn’t make it any less exciting when Miles and Finch were frantically trying to figure out who was behind the planned attempt on her life. Seeing Miles shoot up Hector’s auto shop and save Mrs. Kovach was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, the Kovach scene did lead to another annoying declaration from Detective Carter. “You keep playing God, sooner or later some innocent person is gonna get hurt. I can’t let that happen.” Yeah, dude, why do you always gotta be saving people’s lives and stuff? Cut that out!

I guess I should mention Carter’s flashbacks to her interrogation in the middle east. I didn’t really see what this had to do with the case of the week, apart from a slight correlation in the story, but it did give us a chance to see another great character actor at work. Anthony Azizi, who’s been on every show from Chuck to Prison Break and LOST, played Yusuf and was really showing up Taraji P. Henson in the acting department. I guess these scenes were supposed to shed some insight into why she doesn’t trust Finch, but it just made her look more irrational to me. What is it with her and yelling at people that they can’t play God?

You’d hope she’ll get over her little vendetta against Finch after he ends up saving her life at the end of the episode. I was a bit bummed that the only attempt on Carter’s life was through her CI? Really? M. Elias, criminal overlord and mastermind, thought the best way to get this job done was to get her ex-drug addict homeless dude to do it? Can’t he afford a real assassin?

Anyway, the scenes for next week look exciting and it looks like everything’s ramping up for the mid-season finale!

Random Thoughts:

– Was it really the best idea to install a hidden camera on a bobble head, of all types of dolls? That can’t be the sturdiest thing to put a camera on.

– Did anybody else see the Beavis and Butthead poster in the background after Miles drove away in the GTO? Talk about a clash of TV genres.

– I wonder how much they paid the guy who played M. Elias to carry some flowers onto the set, smile, and then walk away?