CSI “Zippered” Review

When the FBI shows up on CSI, it’s usually a source of endless annoyance for the investigators. So in a pleasant twist, the feds in “Zippered” weren’t pompous or ignorant or even bad guys. They were simply two agents trying to serve their country by tracking down a stolen shipment of super-guns.

I don’t know if weapons such at the one featured actually exist, but if they do, then I am officially frightened. The uber-gun was capable of firing so many rounds so fast that it was literally able to cut a man in half, ie: zippering him. That’s awesome in a terrifying way.

So, the whole story revolved around these guns, stolen in Pakistan and brought back to the US. The FBI got involved when the special bullets were run through IBIS, and while they helped the CSI’s by not making asses of themselves and providing a lot of manpower when necessary, it was mostly our regular team work’s that brought them to the real source of the gun theft.

Rather than the insurgents they blamed it on, the crime was actually committed by one of those corporations that the government pays to clean up their messes on the front lines. Their CEO was so clearly our bad guy that it was kind of ridiculous. And his abused wife turned out to be an old friend of Catherine’s; she wasn’t able to ask for help outright, but Catherine managed to slip her the number of an attorney. Whether she’ll use it, or whether we’ll see the evil CEO taken down, remains to be seen.

It’s been interesting to see how Hollywood is reacting to the Occupy movement. Twice this week I’ve seen subtle references to it in the shows I watch, and CSI is a good example of how television writers are trying to show their support. Although, come to think about it, DB’s speech to the CEO about his private plane wasn’t exactly subtle. But I liked DB in this episode. He reminded me of Grissom without actually trying to be Grissom-esque, yet he and Grissom couldn’t be more different. DB is fascinated by people; for Grissom, it was always about the science first. DB is a lot more…sneaky. Not that I think he’s a bad guy; I just think his moral code is fuzzier than Grissom’s ever could or would be.

It says something about the strength of his character, and Ted Danson’s portrayal, that I never held this sort of lengthy comparison between Grissom and his other successor, Ray. I applaud CSI for creating a character who is an unknown element, but not necessarily in such a dark and obvious way as Dr. Ray.

The more time the show spends on Catherine’s personal life, the more we realize that we’ll soon be saying goodbye to our senior CSI. In fact, I believe Wednesday was her last day of filming on the show after 11 years. I knew she and the older FBI agent would be attracted to each other, but I’m almost glad that nothing came of it. Maybe they’ll meet up in DC when Catherine leaves for that cushy consulting gig.

I would say this was one of the better episodes of the season so far. It had an interesting and relevant story that had just the right amount of gore. Classic CSI.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!

  • Scottiemac52

    This will be heresy, I know, but in some ways I like DB better than Grissom simply because he has better people skills and no matter how much time you spend doing the forensic thing, you still need to interact with victims’ families – and with other coworkers, especially if run the department.