Covert Affairs “Letter Never Sent” Review

Covert Affairs

In the season 2 finale of Covert Affairs, Annie and Danielle go to Stockholm on vacation. Whilst there Annie is asked to receive and pass on an eyes-only letter. But the recipient is intercepted, and the killer thinks Danielle is the CIA agent he’s supposed to liaise with. A befuddled Danielle tells Annie about the creepy guy she met — and soon the race is on to get out of the city and on a plane back home.

The women enlist the help of an old friend, and Danielle’s possible love interest, Magnus, in their escape. Magnus takes them to his countryside home, where they have to wait out a storm before he can sail them out to meet a shipping trawler Auggie had diverted to pick them up. But the killer follows them there, and he comes very close to shooting Danielle. And so Annie uses her newfound skills with a gun and makes her first kill – to save her sister’s life.

I’ve complained about Covert Affairs so much over this season, I really don’t want to have to do it for the finale too. So I’ll make it quick – I miss the days when the cases were actually interesting, I want Jai back on the team and for him to be a clear ‘good’ guy, and I couldn’t give two hoots about Danielle’s marriage breaking up since we haven’t even laid eyes on her husband in who knows how long. (And who was looking after Danielle’s kids on such short notice? More importantly, why does she want Annie to move back in with her and the kids when it was Annie’s job that almost got her shot?! Enquiring minds want to know!)

What was good about this episode:

While I want Jai to be a good guy, I really like the way he turned on his father. Yes, it was for his own benefit, but I’m glad Henry Wilcox isn’t skulking about, trying to pull Arthur’s seat out from under him. Of course, now Jai is the one who’ll potentially be skulking around, but at least he’s a lot prettier. (Sometimes being shallow is the only way to make a plot like this look better.)

I was really disappointed when it looked like Auggie might regain – or work towards regaining – his sight at the start of the episode. As awful as this sounds out of context, I’m glad he won’t be. Firstly, television needs a more diverse range of characters, ones that represent people throughout society. Secondly, I like that the guy who has Annie’s back isn’t some stereotypical weedy computer geek who would never hack it out in the field himself. If Auggie had his sight he would be a pretty awesome spy, I bet.

And finally, I really liked the progression in a possible Annie/Auggie pairing. Would it be cliche to pair those two up? Definitely. But I can see how it would work, and I kind of want it to happen next year, or at least begin to happen. If not, can we have these guys be happy singles, or steady daters, or something? Auggie dates women he can’t be with, Annie dates men who she’s apparently not that interested in. It’s getting dull. Here’s hoping season 3 shakes things up!

And for the love of all that is holy — can they ditch the R.E.M. song titles next year? Pretty please, with cherries on top?*

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*In fact, why not come up with original titles, Covert Affairs, because you didn’t really do the Led Zep song titles any justice either!