Body of Proof “Your Number Is Up” Review

I’ve often thought that the idea of a so-called “lottery curse” has probably been single-handedly perpetuated by serial cop dramas. Every show I can think of has done an episode revolving around the tragic death of a recent big money winner and last night, Body of Proof joined their ranks with “Your Number Is Up.”

In a pleasant twist, the murder was actually accident that occurred when a true friend of the victim was trying to help him figure out why he’d been so manic and crazy after winning fifty million dollars. But friends can’t diagnose tumors; that’s Megan’s job, for which she earns the money to buy fabulous shoes.

Megan might be abrasive, but she is proving to be a pretty good mother. When Lacey buys a three hundred dollar beret with her emergency credit card, she sits her down at the lab and makes her scan files for nine bucks an hour to pay for it. And even though there was a cheese element when Lacey made friends with the sister of a dead girl, it was nice to see a realistic punishment of a teenager on television.

The dead girl was involved in the B-plot of the week, the investigation into a rash of hospital deaths. Kate assigned Ethan to deal with the grieving family of a teen who had just gone in for routine surgery, but he wasn’t quite up to the task. He proved himself when he figured out the source of the infections, though.

Too bad Ethan still can’t get the girl. Dani the coroner chick seems pretty well stuck on Peter, although he’s trying to be professional. She is persistent, however I see this ending badly. Peter is much more interested in finding his birth parents than hooking up with a co-worker.

In dealing with the doctor whose patients died, Kate revealed that she might have a medical skeleton in her closet, too. I’ll be interested to see if that’s followed up or left hanging.

I enjoyed seeing more of the whole team this week, and not quite so much Megan overload. For that reason alone, it was a better than average episode.

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