Last Man Standing “Last Christmas Standing” Review

Last Man Standing Last Christmas Standing Review

Last Man Standing returned this week with “Last Christmas Standing”. It’s possible that I’m just reaching to find new things to complain about for this show, but it bugs me that they aren’t consistent with the whole “Last (Whatever) Standing” for the episode titles. They did this with the first few episodes, and have done it sporadically since, but they don’t seem to do it with any regularity.

Anyway, back to the episode. I actually thought both of the stories this week had promise, but only one actually ended up going anywhere. I was genuinely impressed with Nick Jonas for agreeing to a cameo and really going for it with his performance of Ryan, Kristin’s deadbeat baby daddy. With everybody knowing him from his squeaky clean boy band image, I thought it was great to see him playing such a reprehensible character. He was able to get a little more redeemable towards the end. I really loved him singing in the church at the end.

The other story line wasn’t quite as successful, but thankfully not as prominent either. Mandy is a character that can wear thin very quickly, so seeing her protest to doing hard work and not getting compensated fairly wasn’t a stretch for this character. I’m just glad this story ended before she got really irritating.

Seeing Kyle propose was very unexpected, but I’m so glad that Kristin said no. I’m really hoping that Nick Jonas stays on for a few more episodes as I’m really enjoying what it’s doing to Kyle, as he finds even more buffoonish ways to compete with him.

Random Thoughts:

– Did anybody else catch the Santa Clause reference? “Me, dressing up like Santa Claus?” That’s the only joke my wife laughed at.

– I also appreciated the True Grit reference, although I actually really liked the Coen Brothers’ version.

– The only joke I laughed at all episode was Eve deadpanning “A lot of them had syphilis”. That’s my one takeaway: We need more STD jokes.

  • KR

    This episode was cute. He did his job. But he didn’t do the part better than a lot of real young actors out there. The only reason any one noticed him is cause of his teen idol status. And that’s the only reason he got the part over other actors more talented.