2 Broke Girls “And The Reality Check” Review

This was a fairly fine, not particularly special episode of 2 Broke Girls up until the very end when it suddenly turned melancholy. Kat Dennings was so good in this episode, from several line readings to some of her physical comedy that the scene at the end was the icing on the cake for her in terms of a showcase.

This episode they dealt with getting rid of the horse, which makes sense and I’m glad they did it because it was becoming a quirky crutch which abruptly brought you out of the reality of the show about two broke girls and dumped into the middle of a show about two girls who claim to be broke but really they’re not completely desolate because they’re still feeding that stupid horse.

This may be my own twisted wish but now the horse is gone I’d like for the show to get darker. Now whenever there’s a lull the writers can’t just say, hey we’ll bring the horse in for a few horse poop jokes. If you consider the horse a part of the supporting cast, then it’s deifnately the least bothersome of the supporting cast: Oleg and Earl and Han are all still fairly racist stereotypes, and the horse, despite being made of brown fuzz, was certainly the least politically offensive side character in the show. But getting rid of it was an improvement and it paved the way for that lovely scene with Max.

The rest of the episode didn’t hold up so well: we found out that although Max is really tough she loves kittens. The episode was filled with way more bad one liners than usual, and there were several moments, particularly around Peach, where I thought I heard the audience moan. If not, then I could certainly feel their cringe through the screen.

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