Exclusive Interview: Eureka’s Trevor Jackson Talks Eureka’s Final Season, Working On Set and Taking On Vampires

Question: What can Trevor Jackson do? Answer: Almost Anything.

Better known in his role as Kevin Blake (center in above photo), the genius son of Dr Allison Blake on the Syfy Series “Eureka”, Trevor also has a lot of talents outside of acting including singer, songwriter, dancer & “capoeirista” (Yes that is a real word, look it up).

Daemon’s TV was lucky enough to catch with young Mr Jackson to catch up with him regarding the upcoming Eureka episodes, his career ambitions and why True Blood is in his sights. Check out what he had to say below and catch him in “Eureka” when it returns for its final episodes of the series next year. Also don’t miss the special “Eureka” Christmas episode which airs tomorrow Tuesday December 6th at 8-9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

Season 4 had one of the strongest finale yet. So what kind of fan reaction did you get?

Trevor Jackson: Oh, actually a huge fan reaction from, yeah. I mean the fans are better than ever at this point after season four, I mean, our ratings have gone up. And the fans are what are keeping us going. I mean there’s the die-hard fans. They’re great.

And season five has thirteen episodes. You have shot most if not all of them, right?

Trevor Jackson: Yes, we actually we’ve been done since end of August.

So what can you tease for season five?

Trevor Jackson: I don’t know if I’m allowed to. I’d love to. But I don’t think they’ll really let me.

Okay. Let’s try something out.

Trevor Jackson: Okay.

I ask a question and you can answer yes, no or pass.

Trevor Jackson: Okay.

Is there going to be a resolution to the latest season finale?

Trevor Jackson: Yes.

Is that resolution going to involve you in any way?

Trevor Jackson: Sort of, kind of.

And will you have some very action oriented episodes?

Trevor Jackson: Yes. And really no- it was actually one of the episodes is one of my favorites because I get to do one of my favorite sports. But I can’t tell you exactly what it is. But it’s really fun.

So actually how is it to be on ‘Eureka’? I was talking to Saul Rubinek who does ‘Warehouse 13’ and he was saying that a lot of what he does is pretend acting. He calls it schmacting because there’s a lot of CGI. Is that the same for you guys?

Trevor Jackson: Well, Yes and no. I mean there’s one episode where there is a lot of CGI. But a lot of it, there’s been really like serious scenes between me and Colin, who plays Carter. Like we had scenes yelling at each other. There’s some scenes in season five that go kind of that route. So there’s a lot of serious acting, as well. But, for ‘Monstrosity’ there was a lot of CGI in that. So I guess yes and no.

Back to what your character and his relationship with Allison. Right now the character is sort of still unaware at least at this point of the true origins of Allison. She’s from a different timeline. Is that going to be addressed in the later season?

Trevor Jackson: Yes.

You joined later on in the series so how was it working on the set and working with the ‘Eureka’ crew?

Trevor Jackson: Well, everybody, they took me in as if I was there from the beginning because they’re all like probably the nicest people like I’ve ever worked with. Colin like took me under his wing because it was one of my like my third or fourth jobs. So I was still just getting started. It was March and all that. And so he helped me out a lot. Salli is like my second mother. But everybody they’re so great. The cast, crew. Like none of it could be any better with all of them. Everybody’s great.

Do you think that, again, without revealing how that’s going to happen that even though this is the announced final season for ‘Eureka’ there’s a chance for maybe a reunion later on?

Trevor Jackson: I certainly hope so. Yes.

I was just checking out your MySpace page and you seem like you have a lot of different interests. I mean dancing, singing, capoeira, acting. How do you balance it all?

Trevor Jackson: Well, the amazing mom that I have balances it all. She has the schedule. Like everybody always asks, ‘What are you doing tomorrow? What are you doing this weekend?’ Please ask my mom because she tells me. She gives me the list and I do stuff.

When you were working on the ‘Eureka’ set were you on set for weeks to months? Or was it kind of broken up?

Trevor Jackson: It could be. It was mainly a couple weeks.

Coming back to sort of your career, do you have something in mind in terms of what is your ideal career path between movies, TV, singing? All of the above?

Trevor Jackson: I’m trying to have Michael Jackson, Will Smith, and Denzel in one.

But if you had a fictional gun to your head and you had to pick, where would you go? Michael Jackson, Denzel, or Will Smith?

Trevor Jackson: I don’t know. I’m only saying Will Smith because he did music and acting.


Trevor Jackson: But the reason I named Denzel because he’s a phenomenal actor. And Michael is a phenomenal musician. And Will is in between. So. I get a little bit of both. Get a little bit of both.

Are there any upcoming projects right now you can talk about?

Trevor Jackson: There’s actually a couple. One I can talk about. It’s called ‘A Beautiful Soul’. It’s a gospel film. It comes out next year around spring-ish time, I think. And I get to sing and act in it, which is awesome. I had a great time with Deitrick Haddon and Harry Lennix. And then I had another project, which is going very well. It’s pretty, pretty awesome. I’m really excited about it. And that should be coming out around next year as well. Can’t really go any further but it is going to be off the chain. I’m so excited.

If you could guest star on any TV show. which one would it be?

Trevor Jackson: It would either have to be either ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘True Blood’.

‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘True Blood’. You think your mom would let you go on either of those?

Trevor Jackson: I think if the situation approached, yes, I think she would. Because she loves those shows, too. But, no- yeah, she said there would be no nudity in the episode.