PARENTHOOD “Missing” Review

PARENTHOOD “Missing” Season 3 Episode 11 – It was a mixed episode this week, though with Parenthood and its plethora of storylines that doesn’t usually make it a bad episode, just uneven in tone. There were some things I absolutely loved (Haddie’s freak out about her brother’s excursion) and some things I was not too crazy about. Namely: let’s show Kristina that being a working mom makes you a terrible human being.

In my last review I mentioned that the show had some trouble with its female characters, though it was not a sexist show by any means. This weak I pretty much have to regurgitate that statement. I’m sure it wasn’t the show’s intent to criticize Kristina for getting a job. It was probably just tryng to maximise the stress of the family at a crisis. But then Adam, of course, came to save the day, leaving work as fast as humanly possible, calmly reassuring Haddie that he still loves her even though she let her autistic brother out of the house and proved to be a fairly thoughtless and pathetic babysitter (which, of course she would be) and ringing Kristina, who, like the she devil she is, was in a meeting with her phone turned off, inattentive to the family crisis.

The best part about that whole plot was Haddie’s freakout at the end. What I loved most about it wasn’t just her freak out, or Max’s reaction: rather it was the reaction of Adam and Kristina, who are so resigned to Max’s autism that they don’t even feel the inclination to berate him. It was probably the best scene of the entire episode because it worked on so many levels. Plus, it made me forget about McBoobs. Until Kristina called her up and sort of forgave her. Which was…whatever.

Crosby and Jasmine dealt with the aftermath of sleeping together. Well, Crosby dealt with it since we’re not privy to her point of view. He had to come to terms with the fact that Dr Joe is actually a pretty awesome guy and about as perfect a man for his son as any man could be.

The rest of the episode was pretty mediocre affair. Sarah and Mark played with baby Nora in a montage sequence which made me think back to Tarkovsky’s quote about how montages ruin cinema and pretty much had me nodding in agreement. Julia had to deal with latté girl, but it was more of a filler scene where she explained to latté girl that she was never going to pay for the baby. And Zeek’s erectile dysfunction commercial finally aired.

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