LAST MAN STANDING “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” Review

LAST MAN STANDING “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” Season 1 Episode 9 – For me, every show I dislike has its breaking point. It’s “Jumping the shark” moment, if you will. For Last Man Standing, this moment definitely came in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, where we were subjected to a performance of “Pie Rack”.

Not only is this song terrible, but it’s in the middle of a bad episode of a bad show. I have a hard time finding anything good to write about this show on a week to week basis. Here’s the issue: The jokes just aren’t there. There was a point on this show where Vanessa says she met a new neighbor while she was power walking, and then Mike says under his breath “More like ‘Power talking'”. Cue uproarious laugh track. That actually happened. In 2011. It’s completely mind-blowing to me that enough people enjoy this show for it to be a hit.

That’s not to say that it’s completely without merit or laughs. I smiled and chuckled a couple times over the course of the episode. Kyle’s attempts to insult Ed were endearing, and Mike saying that his daughters had ruined pie for him was funny, but that’s honestly about it. Sure, the show can be heartwarming and Mike and Vanessa’s interaction can be cute, but it’s so overshadowed by the terrible writing. A comedy of this low quality is just not acceptable on a TV landscape where shows like Modern Family and Parks and Recreation exist.

Last Man Standing is not a good show, I think we’ve established that. Is it offensive? Harmful? No. It’s just so completely and painfully pedestrian that I have a hard time watching it for half an hour.

At least Eve is pretty funny…

Random Thoughts:

– Kristin’s “Inglorious Baxters” joke really bothered me. There’s no way her character would be that clever in the first place for the wordplay, or be able to make such a knowledgeable pop culture reference.

– All of my anger towards this show definitely wasn’t helped by seeing the promo for “Work It” during one of the commercial breaks. I guess I should be thankful I’m not reviewing that show.

– If “Pie rack” has any sort of mainstream success or sells well on iTunes, then I have completely lost faith in humanity.

  • Tvman

    Ummmmm… wrong LMS is like homeimprovement minus the crazy explosions and we have three girls instead of three boys. I laugh eveytime i watch this show. Yeah some one liner’s are out there but 1.5 million or more people who watch every week can’t be wrong. Pie rack was a little funny that kind of humor is for the high school boys and girls of this generation, older people who watch it won’t get it. That is something a high school girl would do to get back a cheating boyfriend. So if every week you’re writing a review on this show you must like it or you would stop watching and writing about. Tim Allen still has it and this show will be a hit.

    • Anonymous

      Actually it’s more like 10.5 million people every episode, so yes it is a hit.

      I guess apart from just completely disagreeing with you about this show being funny at all, my main point of contention is about you saying that the show must be good because a lot of people watch it.  Some of the most popular shows on TV are not very good, and some of the best shows on TV get cancelled due to lack of ratings.  Ratings does not equal quality.

  • Durangorob

    You must not have a sense of humor.  I find this show exremely funny.  Pie Rack song was great.