Tonight Fox premieres its newest comedy I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER starring Jaime Pressly. I Hate My Teenage Daughter is a half hour comedy revolving around two women Annie (Pressly) and Nikki (Katie Finneran), both single mothers who have a definite love/hate relationship with their daughters Sophie and MacKenzie. Sophie and MacKenzie are both pretty, popular, and stuck up bitches, all the things that Annie and Nikki were not in high school and apparently always wanted to be. Unfortunately, their hangups about high school result in an overwhelming need for acceptance from their young girls and an almost total lack of parenting. I believe it is upon this premise that the show is supposed to get its laugh. For me, however, that part was just cringe worthy.

I had almost written the show off when after about 10 minutes, an actual funny joke was made about Kentucky Fried Chicken. That is when I realized that the show is actually funny and works best when it is not involving the actual subject/title of the show, sort of like Cougar Town. Annie’s ex, Matt (Eric Sheffer Stevens) and Nikki’s ex Gary (Chad Coleman) were by far my favorite characters. A runner up was Matt’s somewhat uptight and aloof lawyer brother, Jack (Kevin Rahm). All three of those characters brought more comedic relief and less awkwardness to the show. Let’s face it. No one wants to watch 30 minutes of adult women wishing they were their teenage daughters.

By the end of the show, I was won over. I began to see and appreciate Katie Finnernan’s talent in her expressions and was almost past the fact that Jaime Pressly still had Joy’s accent from My Name is Earl. While the pilot of I Hate My Teenage Daughter got off to a rocky start, I will definitely keep watching to see if it improves. I sincerely wish that it follows Cougar Town’s footsteps and the writers allow the show to find its own center rather than forcing it into the refines of its title and original premise.

Tune in tonight at 9:30 ET on FOX to watch I Hate My Teenage Daughter and then come back here and tell me what your impression was. Will you be tuning in for the second episode?