COVERT AFFAIRS “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” Review

Covert Affairs

COVERT AFFAIRS “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” Season 2 Episode 15 – I’m not sure how to approach this review without sounding like I hated this episode. I didn’t, it was definitely better than last week, but there was just something missing. It’s some sort of unnameable spark that made season 1 exciting but has left the majority of season 2 feeling quite flat.

Of course, the fact I knew the name of the episode didn’t help. The R.E.M. song episode titles were tired as soon as they begun — naming a character Kenneth just to be able to call the episode ‘What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?’ was a bit too meta for the episode to pull off with ease.

The actual character wasn’t too bad, although certain details didn’t make much sense. Brits don’t ‘graduate’ high school, and there’s the small issue of his father ‘hearing’ that he was applying to MI6 – applicants aren’t allowed to tell anyone about their application, being potential spies and all. But at least he wasn’t an annoying pseudo-Brit character, although the jury’s still out about his boss lady.

The plot proper was pushed to the background of the episode, as it has been for every episode of the second half of season 2, at least. Something about a fixer transporting a wanted man out of the US to England, although why the man was wanted wasn’t explained (unless I missed it while verging on a catatonic state). Has Annie ever had to work at the Smithsonian as part of her cover before? I can’t recall it happening, and it seemed a bit too convenient to be an easily accepted plot point.

There isn’t much to say about Auggie and Parker. It was a doomed relationship from the start, and a pretty pointless one at that. It didn’t teach us anything we didn’t already know about Auggie, and Parker was a nice girl who breezed in and out, and we’ll probably forget about her soon enough unless she returns for some reason. It all seemed kind of pointless.

The only part of this episode that I found really interesting was Jai’s. His father dropped a mission into his lap, and seeing the potential Jai went for it. But he didn’t have all the information, or at least the foresight to see what was obvious to Arthur, and his team were captured. Arthur launched a rescue operation and allowed everyone to think it was Jai — and it left Jai asking the same question as the audience: why? Was it out of the goodness of Arthur’s heart, as he claims, or is there something more to it? Does Jai now owe him one — and if so, what will Arthur want in exchange?

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