COVERT AFFAIRS: Sendhil Ramumurthy Spills The Beans on Jai

Sendhil Ramumurthy covert affairs 02
The second season of USA’s hit series COVERT AFFAIRS has been more exciting than ever, especially when it comes to Jai Wilcox. Daemon’s TV was on the line when Sendhil Ramumurthy (who plays Jai on the show) sat down to take few questions, talking about everything from Jai’s new methods of getting ahead on the job, Jai’s relationship with his father, and the one piece of advice he would give Jai if he could.

On Jai’s new job.

As we all know, Jai recently managed to get himself a new job as director of the Office of Special Projects. About the job, Jai said: “As we’ll see in coming episodes, what the job entails; what the specifics of that office are, they’re not that specific and Jai finds that out very quickly.”

According to Sendhil, Jai’s father Henry will play an important role in helping Jai figure out what his new job will involve and will point him in a direction that will come to a head in the finale.

On Jai’s relationship with his father

When asked the way in which Henry will deliver the information to his son about his new job, Jai remarked: “You know Henry – I mean they don’t have the greatest relationship so it kind of comes out in a typical Henry, Jai Wilcox fashion. There’s usually moments of contention between these two.”

Sendhil described the relationship between Henry and Jai as adversarial one, remarking: “They don’t have this lovey dovey father-son relationship and I would kind of be surprised if it ever becomes like that.”

On Jai’s relationship with Annie

Jai hasn’t spent a lot of time with Annie this season so some of us wondered if the two of them were going to work together again. When asked about it, Sendhil remarked that the writers were heading back into their offices to start on the new season, saying: “I think that’s what the plan is for the next season, to kind of bring him more into Annie’s world now.”

On his reaction to Jai’s methods of getting ahead

When asked about Jai’s use of subterfuge to get that brand new promotion, he said that part of the storyline came as a complete surprise to him. He said: “I didn’t see that coming at all, [Jai] kind of using very Henry Wilcox-like methods to get what he wants, but he was pushed up against a corner.”

Jai has definitely has had a rough time getting noticed in the Agency and when asked about how far Jai might go to get his name out there, Sendhil said: “Jai isn’t pleased with what’s been happening. He’s being blatantly overlooked and set aside by Joan and by Arthur and he feels that it’s really not for the right reasons. Because it’s not like he’s screwed up, or it’s not like he’s doing his job poorly.”

Sendhil also said that he believes that Jai tried everything he could to get ahead through the proper channels but when that failed, he wasn’t above resorting to other means in order to get his promotion.

As to whether or not Jai will continue to use those somewhat less-than-honest methods, Sendhil said:

“Is he going to continue on like that or is he just going to be like a rogue guy like Ben Mercer type guy? I don’t know. ”

Sendhil told us that he would like to Jai vary it up and not just be sneaky and underhanded to get what he needs, remarking: “Otherwise he just becomes the sneaky subterfuge guy, and he just becomes his father.”

He added: “I don’t think that will happen, because I think that that’s actually [two of] Jai’s greatest fears – failure and becoming his father. ”

On the one piece of advice he would give Jai

Jai’s been through some rough times recently and when asked what piece of advice he would give his alter ego, Sendhil replied: “If I could give Jai a piece of advice it would be to maybe trust people a little bit more. I think that because of the way that he has been treated within the CIA and because of whose son he is and the reputation of his father, [I think] he’s become slightly jaded and I’d like to see him back to being able to trust certain people.”

Covert Affairs airs on Tuesday nights at 10pm on USA Network.