TERRA NOVA “Now You See Me” Review

TERRA NOVA “Now You See Me” Season 1 Episode 10 – Terra Nova returned this week with “Now You See Me”, which was yet another episode focused on finding that darn mole. The whole “mole” story device is pretty played out on TV, so I was really just waiting for their identity to be revealed so we can move on and get to a more engaging story line.

While I was genuinely surprised at the revelation that Skye is the mole, and couldn’t believe that we came to that realization so soon in the episode, I was a bit disappointed with how she was discovered. With Terra Nova on complete lockdown and everybody aware that a mole exists, you’d really try to shine a light across the entire colony and hope that nobody would notice? Anyway, I actually really love Skye being the mole. Not only do I totally buy her motivation of having to tend to her sick mother, but it’s great that it gives her character something to do instead of being a potential love interest. Plus, Allison Miller is a great actress who has been given barely any good material to work with. Fans of the short lived NBC show Kings will remember Allison Miller’s portrayal of princess Michelle Benjamin, so I’m glad to see her getting another opportunity to show some of her talents.

Meanwhile, Taylor’s little excursion to find the whereabouts of his son leads into him getting jumped by Mira. It was never really explained why Mira was out by herself, or how she was able to get the jump on the usually vigilant Taylor, but she was able to capture him and start marching him back to the Sixer camp. After Taylor inevitably cuts himself loose from his handcuffs, he decides that it’s best for him and Mira to work together. I really enjoyed hearing them getting to know each other, as they swapped stories of their kids and their lives before Terra Nova. While this story did definitely take a turn for the cheesy when Taylor started talking about him and Mira being allies in a parallel universe, it was nice to see a different side of Mira.

But it just wouldn’t be Terra Nova without a few cringe-inducing scenes and one-liners, and this episode definitely had its share of those. The personality bereft Reynolds apparently took a pilgrimage from the year 1692, as he still talks about “Declaring his intentions” and just being an all around toolbox. Another favorite being “It was nice riding with you today. That’s what cops say right?” Uh, sure Reynolds. Whatever you say.

I’m a big fan of Skye being the mole, and now that we at least have her identity then I’m fine with Jim and everybody else not finding out. I’m also really liking how heavy on mythology this show has been in the past few episodes, as it’s definitely not shying away from the big questions concerning the portal and just how dangerous Lucas Taylor can be.

Random Thoughts:

– I love how Taylor says he’s going “OTG” instead of just “Off the grid”. Does it really save that much time? It’s the same amount of syllables, dude.

– So in the future we have portals that travel through time, state of the art X-ray machines, and an aerosol spray that can instantly heal cuts, but you can’t get a DNA sample from a drop of blood?

– Wouldn’t it have been just a little bit funny if that giant dinosaur came out of the bushes in the final scene and just devoured Boxer?