HUNG “A Monkey Named Simian / Frances Is Not A Fran” Review

HUNG “A Monkey Named Simian / Frances Is Not A Fran” Review Season 3 Episode 9 – As we open, Tanya (Jane Adams), mental once again, basically attacks Ray (Thomas Jane). It was yet another singular moment of utterly insane for the Hung character I dislike the most.

She was also towing around the young son and daughter of Charlie (Lennie James), and apparently bonding with them. (The “count to three” rule never worked for me. Maybe backed up with violence…) Probably not a good idea to bond with the kids of the guy that just left you in the lurch. But what can you do when you’re crazy Tanya Skagle and you’re living in the moment?

“A Monkey Named Simian / Frances Is Not A Fran” was written by Brett C. Leonard and Eileen Myers, and directed by Howard Deutsch, and it kind of … didn’t move the story forward much at all. One tiny revelation, and that was it, so I was a little disappointed. Of course it had it’s chuckle moments, but I came away wishing there’d been more.

It had some good lines.

“Tanya, pimps don’t get invited to weddings.” Troo dat. Tanya is pissed she didn’t get invited to Mike and Frances’s wedding. Because, seriously, who would want Tanya come to their freaking wedding? And sure enough she shows up… and (a reach, I know) acts crazy.

“Babies are cute. Puppies are cute. I’m not cute.” Way to stake your territory, Ray.

“They’re good kids, Jess. Maybe not the smartest, but they’re good kids.” Always love a twins sighting, no matter how brief. Next season—assuming there is a next season—there need to be Damon and Darbycentric storylines. These two gifted young actors (Charlie Saxton and Sinoa Smit-McPhee) are being wasted this season as, essentially, side-dressing.

Anyone else wishing Charlie had laid Tanya out? Because, you know, as terrible as it is to hit women—well Tanya isn’t so much a woman as she is a troll disguised as a rolled-up ball of quivering, self-destructive estrogen. My god, does that woman need a leash.

The last act encompassed the wedding of Mike (the always-great Gregg Henry) and Frances (Roxanne Hart). And who knew Gregg could sing? Jessica (the suddenly brilliant Anne Heche) was finally smart enough to catch on to Ray being a gigolo, so you know that wasn’t going to end well… but the ending was sweet, Ray and Jess sharing that dance, even if you kind of knew this probably sealed the deal in Jessica’s heart for good.

So next week we get the season 3 finale of Hung. I’m not sure what we’re going to get exactly… probably a lot of Crazy Tanya Being Crazy… but I’m hoping for a healthy dose of Lenore, Jason, and Sandee.

And though I’ll wince, I kind of hope Ray’s dream car gets smashed.

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