AMERICAN DAD “The Scarlett Getter” Review

AMERICAN DAD “The Scarlett Getter” Season 7, Episode 6 – Roger has been a fugitive for seven seasons of American Dad and although he always manages to weasel his way out of captivity, I appreciate that American Dad addresses this point on a rather regular basis. Most episodes pass without the CIA getting involved, but it seems to pop up at least once a season and this time they brought in Shannon Sharp for the alien hunt.

The CIA’s renewed interest in capturing Roger coincided with the return of one of Stan’s old crushes, Scarlett Reynolds, which unfortunately left both Stan and Roger with lowered defenses.

With Scarlett around, Stan morphed into a bumbling, rude fool. I’m surprised Francine didn’t punch him in the gut the moment he started rambling about Scarlett as the love of his life. Ultimately, collaborating with Roger to take Stan down a peg was more prudent than physical violence and the two decide that Roger should bring out his slick persona, “Dan Ansonhandsome,” to seduce Scarlett and teach Stan a lesson.

The threatening introduction of Dan Ansonhandsome was an opportunity for American Dad to throw around some pretty hilarious sexual innuendo as Francine, Roger and Stan argued about who would do what to Scarlett. In addition to the plowing jokes, we were treated to a number of colorful euphemisms like “wide-on” and “crispy pickle” which were delivered so casually in their conversation that it might have been easy to miss if you weren’t really paying attention.

It appeared as though Scarlett was falling for the scummy moves of Dan Ansonhandsome so in a fit of fury, Stan teamed up with Shannon Sharpe to catch Roger in the act at the ski chalet. The reality was that Scarlett worked in the private sector as an alien bounty hunter and had been targeting Roger from the start. By the time Stan realized that Scarlett was not the fantasy woman he had always imagined, it was too late. Leave it to mama bear Francine to save Roger and stop Stan from making a mistake he’ll regret. Without a moment’s hesitation, she blows Scarlett away and things look like they’re going to be OK – until they remember Roger.

Even if he was in relatively high spirits, the visual of Roger, skinned and gutted on the bed was really disturbing. Roger was funny even as a talking pile of skin an bones but the Benny Hill bit with Stan and Francine trying to put him back together didn’t really do it for me. That bit went on longer than I cared for but I was happy that Roger ended up in one piece by the end of it.

Steve’s lucky panties subplot was a simple but solid story line that delivered on laughs. Although Steve’s time with the lucky panties was short lived, I enjoyed seeing him easily kick butt at dodgeball and generally have a lucky day. Haley’s confidence boosting, Smurf inspired pep talk was sweet – even though it was mostly manipulative. I loved how she was more disturbed by the fact that she didn’t have her lucky panties than she was with the fact that her brother had been wearing her underwear for the last few days and the Snot bashing to reclaim her underwear from the pervy panty thief was a hilarious end to the lucky panty story.

There were so many great moments and absurd lines peppered throughout this episode of American Dad that it’s tough to cover them all. Although there were a lot of the typical slapstick American Dad comedy bits, some of the writing was subtle enough that I feel like I could go back and watch this episode again and pick up a ton of gags that I missed the first time around.