THE SIMPSONS “The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants” Review

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The Simpsons “The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants” – Tonight’s episode of The Simpsons was based on an untimely, albeit funny at times satire of Mad Men featuring a cameo appearance by John Slattery. After 23 seasons on the air, the show may not exactly be on the cutting edge of humor but it is entertaining nonetheless. What never ceases to amaze me is how some random event at the start of each episode kicks off a story line that inevitably ends in a much different place.

Tonight, Krusty is forced to kick off a viral marketing campaign to support his fledgling Absolut Krusty vodka, which he endorses but refuses to drink. It came as no surprise that Bart stepped up to help his friend and favorite clown but I did not expect that a Simpsons’ house party would end up in a job promotion for Homer. This is certainly not the first time Homer has received a seemingly undeserved job promotion. It is a bit surprising, however, that the episode once again involved Homer’s job considering it was part of the central plot a few weeks ago. It is so easy to forget that Homer even has a regular job considering the amount of time he spends on his various time consuming shenanigans.

Homer gets swept up into the fast-paced, demanding world of the ad man, which by the way included Roger Sterling Robert Marlowe doing a little coke with Mayor Quimby. We also get some well known Mad Men scenes featuring Homer, including the lawnmower incident at the Sterling Cooper Christmas party.

In the other story line, Bart is charged with reading a bedtime story to Lisa when Homer is too horny distracted to perform his fatherly duty. After hearing Bart struggle to read Little Women, Lisa makes a solemn vow to help her brother improve.

The funniest moment of the night belonged to Maggie. I loved when she got behind the wheel of her tiny toy car after getting drunk off of milk and crashed. It was even funnier when she framed her Raggedy Ann doll and Homer told the toy police that he had just gotten to the scene of the accident and did not know what happened. Hilarious.

The other funny moment of the night belonged to Marge and Robert Marlowe. I am glad that she resisted his seduction efforts although he impressively managed to smooth talk her onto his bed and into his bathroom.

Although not over the top funny, The Simpsons still proved to be pretty entertaining. What did you think about The Simpsons take on Mad Men? Would you have been able to resist Robert Marlowe’s advances?