THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Yemen Party” Review

THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Yemen Party” Season 3 Episode 5 – I’m not sure what the country of Yemen did to get signaled out by The Cleveland Show, but it takes the spotlight in “Yemen Party,” when Cleveland takes an unexpected trip there while pretending to be an oppressed Muslim woman in order to show Donna that she should be grateful her husband only leaves the toilet seat up.

That was a very long sentence, but it pretty much summed up the episode. Cleveland, who used to be pretty innocuous, has turned into a fairly jerky husband. He wants his dinner at six on the dot and if he doesn’t get it, he will lead the children in tearing apart the house. When did he turn into Peter Griffin? Or was he always this way, and he only seemed like nice guy when compared to Peter?

Either way, he takes offense when Donna starts demanding some respect thanks to her new women’s club, and decides to do what I stated above: dress in a burka, slap on a fake accent and make Donna and the girls feel bad for questioning their husbands.

Fortunately, this backfires on him, and he puts on the act so well that the ladies chip in and arrange to send “Fatima” back to Yemen. There, as one of many wives to a lazy husband, Cleveland learns the value of women. Not that it changes him once he gets back. He really is turning into Peter Griffin.

Meanwhile, Rallo uses Junior like Sigourney Weaver used that yellow cage thing in Alien(s), in order to take on a playground bully who wound up becoming his new best friend. Rallo needs a good, funny story soon. He’s been regulated to the B-plot for the past two weeks and he’s too likeable for that. On that same note, give Roberta something to do other than just the occasional one-liner.

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