ALLEN GREGORY “Full Blown Maids” Review

ALLEN GREGORY “Full Blown Maids” Season 1, Episode 5 – I’m at a point with Allen Gregory where I need each episode to give me at least a tiny reason to sympathize with these mostly detestable main characters. Last week we saw Richard DeLongpre for the fool he really was and seeing some balance in that world made the episode significantly more engaging. Unfortunately, in this week’s episode we return to a world where Allen Gregory and his father somehow manage to be awful human beings and still come out on top.

Having been raised by Richard DeLongpre, Allen Gregory assumes that his Hispanic classmate, Guillermo, is a school janitor and attempts to fire Guillermo for refusing to clean up a mess that he had made at lunch. Despite having spent some time with Guillermo last week, and despite Guillermo being at Joel’s side since the start of the series, the arrogant Allen Gregory appears to have no recollection of him whatsoever. At this point, I’m ready to watch Allen Gregory drown in his own ignorance as the real world of public school gives him an attitude adjustment.

There was a little bit of hope as Gina, his first grade teacher, attempted to put him in his place but that quickly went nowhere. Instead Allen Gregory was inspired to put on a play to prove he was right. In the process of putting together this play, Allen Gregory manages to casually offend everyone – as usual. When Gina tries to get Allen Gregory in line, he side steps her by calling the Superintendent so he can get his way.

Even as the play goes on and incites anger in the audience, Allen Gregory only has to deal with a small private moment of shame as the audience reacts to the subject matter. Guillermo comes on stage to articulately express how and why Allen Gregory‘s actions were racist and offensive and the audience goes wild for it assuming that Allen Gregory had planned it all. Rather than apologize and accept a certain amount of public humiliation for his actions, Allen Gregory talks his way around Gina and into accepting the audience’s praise.

He could have had a moment of humanity where I would have been able to forgive him. I understand that his actions were the product of his ignorant and entitled upbringing but given the opportunity for redemption, he took the easier route and accepted the unearned praise and adoration of the audience.

Meanwhile, Richard had been objectifying and harassing Jeremy after he was hired as a maid to replace the one that Allen Gregory had fired earlier. I say this every week, but I have no idea why Jeremy would put up with Richard at all. Jeremy is one of the few normal characters on Allen Gregory, but the way he puts up with Richard’s abuse is getting exhausting and I’m starting to like him less for sticking around.

I think the lack of karmic balance in Allen Gregory is what is keeping this show from clicking with me. There are a lot of other animated shows with main characters who are complete jerks, but I still enjoy them because part of the comedy is that there’s always some kind of karmic justice in the end. Allen Gregory and Richard DeLongpre are some of the biggest jerks I’ve seen in a while yet they somehow evade the karmic circle. The meanest people in Allen Gregory end up unscathed and watching a show like that can be more frustrating than funny.