REVENGE “Suspicion” Review

REVENGE “Suspicion” Season 1 Episode 9 – Up until now Revenge has played to its cheesy side while not fully embracing it. That is no longer the case. This episode was only missing a goatee when it comes to diabolical scheming joy. It took some mind twisting turns-not that they are confusing, just that, if you’re trying to tell someone the plot to get them interested in the show, it’s really really hard. You get to Nolan’s character and you haven’t even hit on faux Amanda and whatever the hell Declan and Charlotte are doing and yet you’re already getting a headache.

I really enjoyed this episode. I laughed out loud at least three times. It’s the perfect hangover show, when you’re wrecked from a night out and you’re too dumb to think so you want to avoid Mad Men or Breaking Bad or Community at all costs and yet you’re not in the mood to laugh so reruns of old sitcoms or shows like 2 Broke Girls and Modern Family do nothing but offer up a headache of misery. In comes Revenge, with its delightfully convoluted plot, glowering yet very attractive cast of characters and, best of all, it’s gloriously cringe worthy dialogue. It’s not cringeworthy in a bad way – the writers are obviously capable of decent dialogue, but the show’s characters interact on, for the most part, a snippy level which, as of yet, has been pretty fun to watch.

Obviously the best outcome of the episode is that Jack now believes that the real Emily is actually the real Amanda, unaware that the real Amanda has been posing all this time as the fake Emily. I could go on. This will lead to even more drama and a whole lotta shifty glances. It was a direction I was not prepared the show would go in and one I’m all to happy to see play out. Neither incarnations of Emily are charisma is a bottle, but at least the original Emily knows how to crack a smile.

I’ve never been a Tyler fan. From episode one he was slimy, and not to the brilliant way Saul Goodman is slimy, but in a really grating way. From flirting with Nolan after he stole Nolan’s credit card to the ultra tame kiss between the two, Tyler is a black hole of a character. Otherwise known as tea break.

There was a bunch of other stuff that was pretty ridiculous. Most of it had to do with Emily’s Japanese Sensei dude. I have no idea where that’s going, but when he started talking about crickets I started laughing hysterically.

When Victoria is not holding any of the playing cards, when she’s getting duped by the likes of Charlotte and Conrad, the show is not running at all cylinders. But despite the lack of Victoria awesomeness, there was still a whole lot to like about this episode.

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