Cartoon Network’s LEVEL UP: The Lowdown

Level Up (Cartoon Network)
I have three words for you: Fun, fun, fun! That’s how I would describe Cartoon Network’s new original movie, LEVEL UP, which premieres tonight, November 23, at 7pm.

The movie follows the adventures of three online gamers, Wyatt, Lyle, and Dante, who accidentally open a portal from the game world of their favorite game, “Conqueror of All Words,” into our world. Needless to say, things get bad when the game’s villain and his troll henchmen start to appear into their neighborhood. Wyatt, Lyle, and Dante will have to work together in real life this time in order to defeat the game’s villain and save the world.

By now you might already know how much I love all of Cartoon Network’s live-action programming and I was of course super excited to watch Level Up. However, I won’t lie I didn’t expected too much from it, but boy was I surprised. It was so much fun!!! I enjoyed every second of it and laughed quite a few times.

The three main characters are quite the unlikely trio and it makes it that much more entertaining to watch. I would definitely recommend you tune in to Level Up when it premieres tonight, especially if you (like me) were a fan of Unnatural History and Tower Prep, or if you are just in the mood for some entertainment to get you ready for Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, you can take a look at some more photos from the movie below.

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