NCIS: LOS ANGELES “The Debt” Review


NCIS: LOS ANGELES “The Debt” Season 3 Episode 10 – Oh boy, what a wild and wooly ride this episode took me on tonight. Here I was expecting an emotional episode akin to NCIS’s ‘Probie’ with Deeks killing an innocent man and dealing with the ramifications of his actions. But instead we get a huge twist in the middle when we discover the whole thing is a ruse to find a mole in the LAPD. The fact that they didn’t let Kensi in on it was perfect because I, like the bad guys, saw her reactions and believed it was all real.

Speaking of Kensi, can we talk for a second about the tension that was flying between her and Deeks in this one? Again here’s where having Kensi in the dark worked against me. I, like Kensi, saw Deeks’ stumbling attempt at a goodbye as something more than it was. In the end, when he explained how he saw Kensi (as just his “partner”), I really felt for her. I have been in her shoes (heck, I’m sure a lot of people have) and it sucks to realize that the things you thought meant one thing, actually meant something else. Though as much as I was kinda rooting for them, a part of me is okay with it ending like this for now. I’m perfectly happy to see them flirt for a while without it going anywhere.

Now before you Densi folks get all worked up in a tizzy, I don’t think there’s any reason to assume that just because Deeks feels this way now that he couldn’t feel differently in the future. So there’s still might be hope for the romance I know you guys want.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and I must give the writers a truckload of credit. They figured out the perfect way to bring the Deeks and Kensi relationship to a head in a way I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

My favorite bits…..

“Float after me, Butterfly.”

Kensi and Deeks using hashtags to communicate. #thatwastotallyawesome

Deeks’ whole speech at the punching bag. That bit about being just another thug with a gun broke my heart a little.

Kensi telling Deeks that she was there for him.

They can give Deeks moral support and not much else? I’m pretty sure the look on my face matches Kensi’s right about now.

So glad to see that Hetty is on Deeks’ side.

I knew it was coming from the previews, but Hetty firing Deeks still hurt.

Sam’s goodbye, as gruff as it was, was still surprisingly sweet.

Wow, I’ve never heard two people say so much without saying anything at all. Ugh, Kensi and Deeks are killing me.

Okay, can I punch Deeks’ old boss now?

Loving that Kensi went to Hetty to talk about what happened with Deeks.

No no no! No shave and a haircut. Eff you Lieutenant Bates.

“In the meantime you’re being paid to bust cops. How does that feel?” – Ooh, burn!

“Gone surfing, call me later!” – Haha! Best outgoing message ever.

“If I wanted to make friends, I would’ve become a birthday clown.” – Really? Cuz most people I know hate those guys.

Oh no! Deeks just said “what could possibly go wrong”? Steve said that on Hawaii Five-0 last night too, and look how that turned out for him.

Deeks taking that deep breath to steal himself before breaking into his Lieutenant’s office.

Best escape route ever…..that is until he ended up on a window ledge and had to answer the phone from the guy he was hiding from. Deeks is definitely having a rough day.

Nell trying, and failing miserably, to lie to Kensi.

“Please tell me you didn’t waterboard Nell.”

Wait. WHAT???? OMG! OMG! OMG! That is a direction I never saw this going. Oh you clever, clever show. *bows down in admiration*

Deeks asking Hetty how Kensi was

“Anyone ever tell you how cute you are when you’re homicidally angry?” – Now why do I think that Deeks is probably very familiar with that look on a woman?

Deeks mistakenly mentioning the “thing” between he and Kensi when he wasn’t ready to. Oopsie.

You know what? I’m now suspecting Quinn instead of Bates.

“Gotta love Tuesdays.” – Sam my friend, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Aha! I KNEW it!

Anyone else think of bug spray when Fisk yelled “Raid!” ? No? Just me? Okay then, moving on.

Kensi running in to save Deeks. Yay!

YES! Nice move, Deeks!

“Just don’t let that little ninja lady come after me.” – LOL.

Hetty telling Kensi the reason why they hadn’t told her the truth about Deeks at first. Wow.

Deeks opening his mouth and inserting his very large foot in it while trying to explain to Kensi how he felt about her. Yikes.

Final Funny Blackout Moment: “Haters gonna hate.” – by Hetty?? LOL.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • God I LOVE this episode! It’s brilliance at the max! So freakin’ proud of NCIS LA!

    • Anonymous

      I agree!

  • Kartemy

    Right there with you on Fisk yelling Raid! lol 

    • Anonymous

      LOL! Glad I’m not the only one.  ;o)

  • Kkwebley

    I really liked reliving the episode through this!

    • Anonymous

      Awesome! Glad you enjoyed the ride. LOL. :o)

  • This episode was BRILLIANT…I NEVER saw the (not one but two) twists coming.  I had the same revelation about “what could go wrong?” and just about fell off the couch at Hetty’s “Haters gonna hate!”

    You forgot about the response to “Anyone ever tell you how cute you are when you’re homicidally angry?” which was something akin to “I’m not angry.  I could cut your jugular 11 different ways and not lose my temper.”

    • Anonymous

      LOL! Yes her reply was fantastic. I guess I just liked Deeks’ line in that scene a smidge more…..but only a smidge.  ;o)

  • Raven713

    My take on Deeks saying nothing to Kensi was he knew he was coming back and he seemed to rush away from her so she couldn’t say anything that she would hate him for letting her say when he knew he was coming back.  Did that make sense??

    • Marina

      Yes, you make all sense. I thought that too. 

  • Marina

    I am a faithful follower of NCIS. I still am. But NCIS LA was increasingly capturing my attention, much since Deeks became a regular in this show.”The Debt” was an amazing episode with several twists in the story that made me completely surrendered to the characters and the story itself.I saw this episode 3 times and I’ll watch it a few more for sure. Deeks was great, Kensi
    was amazing. She couldn’t hide her feelings. Her talks with Deeks were awesome,
    first in Mission and second in the car … so much to say that they didn’t said.
    In my opinion they say so much with their eyes and their words, always full of second thoughts.
    And her talk with Deeks’boss and with Hetty …. Well very, very good. All they
    know that they have “a thing”, something special. Something they are afraid to handle or to come out to themselves. They are partner’s, anything else could complicate and I’m pretty sure that any of them are able to handle with their own feelings. At least for now …
    The way they didn’t tell Kensi about Deeks’
    undercover mission shows pretty good that they all know about the special
    feelings between both of them. It was the best way to support Deeks’mission. So many highlights from this episode. I loved to write something more or write a fanfiction story about this one . But english is not my first language and I have afraid to make several mistakes … so I’m not gonna do anything. Just watch again “The Debet” and read what you guys have to say … and wait for the next one.Thank you for read my words.

  • steph

    Wow. Just wow. I mean of course I didn’t think Deeks would be gone for good, of course he’d be back somehow by the end of the episode, but that he didn’t even shoot the guy??? And they planned all of this just to make Kensi believe it? Nope, didn’t see that coming AT ALL! Amazing, both the writers and the actors! As always there were way too many favorite moments to write down, so I’ll just say I agree with (almost) every one of yours 🙂 Though my absolute favorite was not the blackout, but right before: “Game is lookin’.” – “Game recognizes NOTHING.” Those two crack me up! By the way, I just watched it the second time – just as good as the first time because now that you know everything you realize how every comment, every look, every reaction can have such different meanings 😀 And finally I have to say something about Kensi and Deeks (no, I refuse to use the word Densi – sounds too much like dense, and that’s just wrong ;): I don’t really agree with you about Deeks not feeling that way. It’s always been more or less obvious that he likes her, it was Kensi who never wanted to admit anything, so I think this would have been a good opportunity for the writers to do something about that (after all the show’s been hinting at it more and more these last few weeks). Of course I’m biased since I love those two 🙂 Well I guess they’ve got something planned for them, I just hope it’s not too far in the future…

  • Anna

    I love reading your reviews!
    I probably ask some stupid questions now, but I didn’t undstand if Deeks knew the man didn’t die? And if he wanted (not that i belive that?!) to leave NCIS and go back to LAPD? And if he did why did they keep Kensi out of it? Was it to get that Quinn guy down or? 

    • Anonymous

      Hi! Glad you liked the review! 

      Yes Deeks knew that the man didn’t die, the whole thing was a set up from the beginning. Everyone on the team knew about it except for Kensi, as they wanted her to have real reactions to what was happening, so as to better “sell” the whole story and catch the mole. 

      • Anna

        Thank you for the reply!:-) It helped me alot.

        • Mokibobolink

          Awesome! So happy I could help. :o)