LAST MAN STANDING “House Rules” Review

LAST MAN STANDING "House Rules" Review

LAST MAN STANDING “House Rules” Season 1 Episode 8 – Kyle returned in this week’s installment of Last Man Standing in spectacular fashion. After Kyle’s absence from the last few episodes, “House Rules” follows the aftermath of Kyle falling asleep after spending the night with Kristin. Even though they didn’t actually do anything, Kyle freaked out when he woke up and jumped out of a window. This, of course, leads Mike into a tizzy about his house rules and about his kids doing “shenanigans” in his household.

Kyle’s absence has been noticeably absent over the last few episodes, as he really does supply some much needed earnestness and heart to this show. He’s one of the only characters who’s not only likable, but actually gets consistent laughs. His “gun shy” joke was one of the few that I laughed at all night.

Unfortunately, the weakest character on the show is still our lead. I feel like the first three episodes of this series were showing us that Mike finds it difficult living with his wife and daughters, but that he’s slowly learning how to live with women. Now, however, it just feels like he’s throwing all of that progression out the window. He’s still making his overly macho and chauvinistic web videos, getting grossed out by periods, and freaking out that there’s brassieres in his household. You live with four women, dude, get over it.

Not only that, but his character seems so inconsistent. He corrects Mandy on her grammar, saying “Travis and I” (Like his character would even know the difference), when it was just last episode where he was being corrected himself by that asian neighbor. He’s openly rude to his youngest daughter when she’s clearly not happy about the giant pimple on her face, and he’s getting all of his fatherly advice from Ed! Ed, everybody! The guy who calls everybody “Jackwang” is more emotionally mature than our lead character!

It doesn’t help that Nancy Travis’ character (Have they ever actually said her name on the show?) is such a non entity. She seems to be completely non-participatory in all of their parental decisions, and she just sits there and lets all this madness happen around her. No wonder she seems to turn to drink so often, or to her “special pills”.

Look, I know this is a comedy. It’s a harmless, run-of-the-mill family sitcom, but they’ve made sitcoms in the past that I’ve laughed at. If you aren’t going to have funny jokes, then stop filling in the empty space with huge character inconsistencies and logical flaws.

Random Thoughts:

– Is it just me, or have they been making a conscious effort to have Kristin wear her waitress uniform less?

– Does anybody actually get zits like that? One giant zit on your perfect skin with no other zits in sight? When I was thirteen, I just started getting zits everywhere.

– Are we really supposed to believe that Kyle is totally cool with his brand new girlfriend and her baby coming to live with him? Doesn’t he have roommates?

  • Stevelanger

    Loved it.  Did anyone notice the website change?  Cool and different.  Good episode.

    • Hi Stevelanger,

      Glad you like the changes, we just launched them this past Sunday. You can find out more about all the new features here.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Jamie

    Can anyone tell me how to find the blue and red dress Nancy Travis’ character wore on the November 22nd episode??