2 BROKE GIRLS “And The Very Christmas Thanksgiving” Review

2 BROKE GIRLS “And The Very Christmas Thanksgiving” Season 1 Episode 10 – This was a particularly interesting episode of 2 Broke Girls, one which was very entertaining and organic and which relied heavily on the show’s strengths (its leads, Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, their comedic chops and the chemistry between them) while casting aside its weaker elements (Oleg, Earl and Hans were in the episode for about one and a half scenes). Watching this show, most people would make the case that the supporting characters need to drastically improve and advance from the racial stereotypes that they are. The show itself seems content with just ignoring them, pretending they don’t exist. What’s most surprising about this new strategy is that it really works well.

The best comedy comes from drama. If we were to film ourselves having an argument, it’d probably be the funniest thing ever. We’d look like idiots. Bridesmaids, one of the best comedies in years (if not ever) was actually a really sad story about a woman who, push come to shove, was on the brink of depression. Everything in her life was screwed up, her friend was moving on, she moved back in with her crazy mother and she hated herself and the things she loved most. This episode of 2 Broke Girls reminded me of that, as Caroline’s father calls her and asks her not to visit him in prison for Thanksgiving. What follows is a hilarious sequence, in part thanks to Mary Christmas, Max’s liquid Spanish concoction and elf costumes, but it all worked because Caroline was coming from a real place of hurt and the liquid Spanish concoction heightened her emotions and Mary Christmas antagonised them.

There were still a few problems with the show – those supporting characters are really bad, and the writing is sometimes too eager to drag a joke to the surface instead of just letting a funny moment lie (like Max’s “Christmas is coming” line). But this episode was really good and it showed signs that, while the show may ignore some of its glaring weaknesses, at least it knows where its strengths are and it makes sure to give Dennings and Behrs enough multi-layered material to sink their teeth into.

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