THE WALKING DEAD “Secrets” Review

THE WALKING DEAD “Secrets” Season 2 Episode 6 – We begin with “Everything’s food for something else,” and then we get purposefully-wounded chickens being thrown to the barn zombies.

Though I’m not sure it was necessary to wound the chickens. I mean, I get that a flailing creature draws a zombie’s eyes more than a passive one, but most chickens (this is coming from my admittedly limited experience with chickens) don’t just stand there. Right?

Anyway. This episode, “Secrets,” went faster than most episodes of The Walking Dead. It literally ended and I looked at the clock expecting another 15 minutes. Where did the time go?

Time flies when you’re having fun. And yet it didn’t feel like much happened this episode. I keep waiting for the barn to happen, and it still hasn’t. As a new fan of The Walking Dead comic books, I think I’ve quickly grown accustomed to constantly changing locales. This season they seem inclined to spend the whole of it on Herschel’s farm. Which is fine in certain ways—the narrative doesn’t feel rushed—but in other ways I kind of want them to just get to it.

“There’s walkers in the barn and Lori’s pregnant!” Glenn’s blurted line pretty much sums it up. Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) is pregnant, yes, yes. Zombies in the barn, yes, yes. Oh, and Andrea (Laurie Holden) wants to shoot things, yes, yes. It was a decent episode… it just didn’t have a lot of closure on anything.

I empathize with Glenn and his inability to lie. I was Dennis. Fortunately for my physical well-being, I can lie like a rug nowadays.

(Okay, I can’t. See? I can’t even lie about being able to lie.)

Carl wanting to learn how to shoot a gun is a natural evolution, and the way Chandler Riggs plays him is fantastic. It’s rare that a child actor is allowed to play his age; most are aged down and dumbed down, but Riggs’s Carl acts like any kid his age should act: like he’s ready to grow up now.

“Rick is a man of conscience, but are you so sure about everyone in your group?”

There’s the million dollar question. And we can’t even be sure. Nosy Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) decided to have confrontations with just about everyone tonight, and… well, with Shane it didn’t really go the way he planned. Shane put the fear of mortality into the old man. Nice scene. Speaking of Shane:

SHANE: “That’s the walker that got Amy, now you shoot that sonovabitch!”

ANDREA: “You’re a real dick sometimes.” SHANE: “Yeah, I acknowledge that.”


Saw that coming. The Shane / Andrea dynamic is an interesting one. I know certain fans of The Walking Dead are ‘shipping (yes, I used that word) Daryl and Andrea—no more so than after she shot him.

Lori’s starting to seriously lose it. But unlike Rick (Andrew Lincoln, steady as she goes), she doesn’t seem to have something that will lift her out of this funk. I think for Rick it will be simpler path to redemption; anything hard-fought, hard-won, will taste sweeter in the end. I don’t see Lori getting better before she gets much worse.

Next week on The Walking Dead: I’m glad we have a next week! That 6-episode inaugural season was just too damned short for words.

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