HUNG “I, Sandee / This Sex. Which Is. Not One” Review

HUNG “I, Sandee / This Sex. Which Is. Not One” Review Season 3 Episode 8 – So we opened with the return of Logan (Kaitlin Doubleday) in a fitting room trying on a bridesmaid’s dress with Ray. Sort of. And of course we get loud sex that, if I were doing it, would compel the store manager to immediately call the police.

Like seriously, how does anyone ever get away with sex in public places? The Mile-High Club? How does the stewardess not take note of the TWO PEOPLE exiting the dwarf-sized airplane bathroom after three (I’m being hopeful here) minutes of human-mating sounds emanating through the paper-thin door?

(You can tell I’ve considered this.)

Where were we? Oh, right. Hung.

“I, Sandee / This Sex. Which Is. Not One,” written by Angela Robinson and Alex Kondracke and directed by Adam Davidson, was a decent enough episode, though severely lacking in twins, and—

Okay, actually, I have to finally start taking the writers to task for these inane titles. I get that “I, Sandee” is probably a take on “I, Claudius.” And the whole “This is. Which What. Not one. This Too. Why Not” wording in the (alternate?) (like are we just supposed to pick one?) title was completely mangled from the finished script.

It’s kind of like the writers are trying to involve us, the viewing audience, in whatever the inside joke-of-the-week is. Or just throwing it at us. I’m not sure. They confuse me. Someone send a letter to Colette Burson and Dmitry Lipkin and ask what the eff is up with these bizarro titles.

(Or I could have my Daemon’s TV bosses ask it, since they seem to have the inside track this year to interviews with the Hung people.)

So Charlie is gone, and Tanya is left to flounder, flop, and flail about—like Tanya tends to do. She seemed at least slightly less cartoony this episode, which I appreciated. Jessica (Anne Heche) is somehow falling in platonic woman-on-woman love with Tanya. “You are so… out there,” she said. Yes she is! Good of you to notice, Jess!

Lenore wants to takeover the “Wellness Center for Women,” apparently, because… well, basically because I’m not sure why. Because it’s a way to eff with Tanya, I suppose, in which case I’m all for it.

Ray apparently has issues with women faking orgasms. I’m not sure if that makes him sickeningly naive or what.

“It wasn’t if something would go wrong. It was just what. And when.”

Indeed. I feel like it’s finally starting to unravel. I predicted Ray’s climb to comfort would end in a violent crash, and I still predict that new car of his is going to end up trashed somehow.

Mike’s back! The world is a better place because Mike (the understated and underrated Gregg Henry) is back. I’m not sure if he’s marrying Francis (Roxanne Hart) from last season or not. Probably! All I do know is Mike should comb what’s left of his hair if he’s about to get married.

“Sometimes you’ve just got to fuck things up royally and not even care.”

And amen to that, right? Except I don’t think he’s effing things up. I think he’s doing the right thing. I think Ray needs to win Jess back, that’s what I think.

Next week on Hung: two episodes left in the season—and that’s a lot of room for things to go spectacularly wrong.

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