HOMELAND “Achilles’ Heel” Review

HOMELAND “Achilles’ Heel” Season 1 Episode 7 – At the end of every episode of Homeland I just automatically resign myself to the show. I relinquish the attempts to figure this show out and just enjoy it for what it is: a work of brilliance. The ending of tonight’s episode was bizarre and fantastic and mind blowing. But that’s what every episode has become. I can imagine getting this on DVD, watching the series through, and then rewatch from episode one and just be stirred.

On the Brody front, we have hints of The Manchurian Candidate really rearing its head as a Weiner-gate scandal opens up a seat in Virginia and, of course, who better to run than American war hero and media personality than our good pal Brody. Brody and Jessica’s bewildered amusement and the subsequent family time watching Ice Age was just about the loveliest thing Homeland has done.

I love how smart the show is and how smart these people are and yet when the show runs into a rut, it’s human error and emotion, not stupidity, that changes the gears. Who knew what Tom’s wife Helen would do when he actually picked up, and it was a devastating scene, up to and including him finally breaking and talking to her. That scene also afforded Carrie the opportunity to show off her smarts in tactical manoeuvring, but without direct link to the FBI squad things got lost in translation and her commands were not heard and two Muslims got shot in a Mosque in a brilliant sequence that, despite the fact that no one I cared about at all were in any danger, my heart was pounding.

Claire Danes, by the way, was fantastic in this episode. From apologizing to Saul to giving Brody and explanation, her character was put (by the brilliant writers) into these awful and awkward situations. Her little arc, when she tells Saul that she just realized she’ll be alone her entire life, could have been so clichéd and so bad but it was great. It paralleled with Saul’s own imploding marriage in a way that was very subtle, so subtle that she had to actually say the line “I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life” for me to actually get it. And of course, she’s probably right. For people like her and people like Saul, work, not love, is the Achilles’ heel.

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