THE SIMPSONS “The Book Job” Review

THE SIMPSONS The Book Job Season 23 Episode 6

THE SIMPSONS “The Book Job” Season 23, Episode 6 – I love when Marge cuts loose so I really enjoyed her pulling out tissues and dropping them on the ground in response to Bart’s cue to live wild. Equally amusing was Marge’s decision to dump all of her Betty Crocker mix after Lisa reminded her that it was a product of ad men.

Poor Lisa, despite the advanced wisdom she possesses for someone at her tender age, she still falls prey to a hoax from time to time. Tonight she learns that her favorite writer is the brainchild of the corporate machine whose image has been provided by an actress.

Homer assembles a motley crew to pull off a kids fantasy novel caper. You can’t go wrong with Moe, Skinner and Patty. I could take or leave Professor Frank but I like that he was chosen simply because he has a computer. I was disappointed that Lisa would not just get on board with the job, however I did enjoy learning that she is a master procrastinator. Realizing that the literary world did not need any more vampires, the crew decides to base their book on trolls after Moe is mistaken for one. Neil Gaiman, an accomplished fantasy writer, joins the crew as an errand man.

After consuming copious amounts of buzz cola, Duff beer, coffee, cigarettes and electroshock treatment, the crew completes their book – The Troll Twins of Underbridge Academy. Much to Lisa’s chagrin, she has not written a single page and cannot muster an idea that is not already based on a book already written.

I loved the sight of Bart in a suit. I like the hook of Lisa as the front but will her do good nature prevail and ruin the caper?

I shared the crew’s disgust with the upheaval of their troll book to yet another vampire book. I have not read the Twilight series but perhaps I would have if it was a Gollum-based story.

Overall, I thought the episode was really funny. I always enjoy when an episode of The Simpsons gives us an interaction with a random cross section of characters. You really can’t go wrong with a motley crew on The Simpsons.

The potential Kansas City disaster was averted by Lisa, however Gaiman heisted his way to a bestseller and poisoned Moe. That bastard!

Random thoughts and favorite moments…

> Lisa typed her book on her “mapple” computer.

> “The vampire genre is sucked out.” – Bart

> “That tuna didn’t salad itself.” – Neil Gaiman

> What happened in Kansas City?

> Mrs. Skinner’s bloomers.

> When Homer says he’s waited his whole life to hear “follow that dinosaur” I absolutely believe him.

What did you think about “The Book Job?” Have you ever longed for the love of an Aidan, like Lisa? Would you have given up a cool million to preserve the integrity of your troll story?