THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Skip Day” Season 3 Episode 4 – For me, The Cleveland Show has always been hit or miss, and I think “Skip Day” will probably go down as a miss. This doesn’t mean it didn’t have genuinely funny moments, but overall, it certainly wasn’t anywhere near as hilarious as I know the show can be.

The episode centered around Cleveland’s attempt to incite Junior to rebel after he became the laughingstock of the town for attending school on the annual skip day. Cleveland has always wanted Junior to be more like him, but he never expected that taunting his son would bring out the teenage rage within.

Upon discovering that Junior could easily beat him up, Cleveland sank into depression until Junior decided to make him feel better by telling everyone that Cleveland beat him up…which landed Cleveland in jail for child abuse.

In the end, Cleveland got what he wanted as Junior rebelled against the system and busted him out of jail. He even made it to school on time, to keep his perfect attendance record intact.

Meanwhile, because Lois Griffin gives Stewie more attention that Donna gives her son, Rallo runs his scooter into Kendra’s scooter. Lester spends the rest of the episode trying to track down the monster who left his wife on the sidewalk (while trying to prevent Kendra from eating her scabs), and Rallo has to decide whether to come forward or let someone else pay for his crime.

Sounds more touching than it was, although the bit with Rallo cutting up his scooter and dissolving the pieces in acid was amusing.

I just didn’t feel the spark in this episode. It felt more like the writers were dialing it in. Even Donna felt a little off, and she’s usually my favorite character. I think I might have been expecting too much, but considering the fact that The Cleveland Show took a few weeks off, there was ample time to turn in a better polished episode than this.

Best Line

Junior: Maybe I was beat up. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

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