CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Business Trip” Review

CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Business Trip” Season 5 Episode 4 – In this episode Chuck and co have to deal with an assassin who still has a hit out on Morgan, even though he has been officially debugged of the Intersect. Up until the last five minutes of the episode, I was supremely bored. The problem with Chuck is that it tends to keep treading on the same themes. Like as a spy is tough and often friendless. We get it. We didn’t need multiple scenes of exposition on Sarah’s behalf stating the case.

I’m really annoyed with how the show is treating Sarah. She’s a fantastic character but episode after episode the show is just using her for expository reasons, which shockingly isn’t exciting. When the character is at her best, her morals are seriously conflicted. She’s doing something which you can intellectually understand and reason with, but something so repellent that it makes the character so much colder and way more dangerous than you really thought – as in Chuck Versus The Santa Claus. It’s party why I liked the end of this episode – she may not have pulled the trigger, but she was certainly in the loop, and her reasons for not sharing with Chuck the information was totally believable.

But for much of the episode we had to deal with her lifting her leg and punching perverts with rabbit heads into a closet. It was pretty cringe worthy.

I’d like to go further into how Chuck managed to keep Morgan alive, but I’ve already forgotten that chunk of the episode. It must have been a fairly substantial chunk too, but it flew right out of my head. On the other hand, Casey executing a whole lotta CIA dudes (or, at least freelancers with allies in the CIA)? Priceless. I can’t wait to see how Chuck explores that thread and I wonder if this was step one of the closing arc on Chuck.

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