THE MENTALIST “Pink Tops” Review


THE MENTALIST “Pink Tops” Season 4 Episode 8 – In this episode the CBI is called out to the murder of a “club girl,” who turns out to be an undercover cop. The suspect list is long, including a big time drug dealer, a gang of brothers, a jealous cousin and even a few fellow cops. In the end it turns out to be one of those fellow cops, a woman who claimed that the victim was her best friend. The team even manages to take down the drug dealer along with the murder, thereby exacting a little bit of justice for the murdered cop.

Along the way we get introduced to a new character, a call girl named Summer who has an effect on everyone on the team. Lisbon, like me, likes her right off the bat. As for the guys, Rigsby falls for her charms (well far enough to get her potato chips) but Cho is more wary. He finally opens up to her a bit in the end though, just enough to ask her to be his CI. I think this could turn out to be really good for the show; having an extra character like Summer pop in every once in a while.

As for Jane and Red John, the only hint we got of that storyline came in the very end when Lisbon tried to get him to talk about it. What exactly she wanted him to say I don’t know and I guess we’re going to have to wait a while to find out, seeing as he managed to sidestep around her question so well. I know that conversation is still coming though and I’m very curious to hear what he’s going to say to Lisbon when she does manage to trap him next time.

My favorite bits..

Jane correctly spotting that the “club girl” was wearing a sports bra.

“You’re not known for your management skills, are you?”

Jane telling everyone in the club that Lisbon was Five-0. Ha!

Jane’s reaction to Vega calling him “pinstripes” – LOL! I knew he liked it even before he told Lisbon.

Awww..Jane spotting that the little boy was under the box was so beyond cute. I love that he’s always aware when children are around, even when others aren’t.

Jane helping himself to the food cooking on the stove.

The guy in handcuffs trying to claim he’d never seen the hooker before in his life. Oh yeah, cuz that line always works.

“So, do you like her for the murder?”
“No. I like her.”

Jane telling Tres all the things he learned by hanging out on the couch.

Jane’s eyes popping open when he saw Tres in his regular clothes.

“You’re lucky I wasn’t out there as a crack head today. Props include urine soaked pants.”

Summer asking if Rigsby was in a boy band. Haha!

“Mind turning the base down a little? Makes me wanna go to the bathroom.” – LOL! That was hilarious, especially considering the fact that I had to deal with a noisy neighbor playing his radio super loud with a massive base right next to my office window yesterday.

“We’re fine, Jane’s screwed.” – oh noes!

Summer telling Cho all she wanted was a little common courtesy.

Jumping as hard as Jane and the Bianca did when Vega pulled his gun on them both.

“Anyone happen to see my shoes?”

Oooh….Summer as a CI for Cho? I like it. She’s kinda awesome.

“So it was a guess.”
“You make it sound so artless.”

Aw man, Jane totally sidestepped Lisbon’s request to talk about Red John. Clever monkey, but I still can’t wait to see that conversation.

Lisbon reassuring Yolie’s husband that she saved a lot of lives.

What did you think of this episode of The Mentalist? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Herrsebbe2

    Loved the episode and loved Summer. Hands down best standalone of the season so far (not counting Blinking Red Light as a standalone).

    As for Red John, I don’t think we’ll have to wait all that long. Episode 10 is titled “Fugue in Red”, and for anyone keeping score, the Bach piano piece that we all connect to the serial killer is the first part of two in the clavier “Prelude and Fugue”.

    • Anonymous

      Glad someone else liked Summer. I was wondering if maybe I was the only one. 

      Ah, good eye. I hadn’t seen the title of the next episode. Looks like they’re going to hit the subject right before going on winter hiatus. Oh boy. 

    • Anonymous

      I just hope they show us this episode THIS YEAR!!! There’s still no date out there, isn’t it?