Ricky Gervais Will Host The GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS Again

It has been revealed that comedian and actor Ricky Gervais will be playing host at the GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS this coming New Year, per the Golden Globes official website. This will mark Gervais’ third time headlining the big event where he is sure to get a few comical digs in at some well-known celebrities throughout Hollywood.

Initially many thought that the actor would not return to host the Globes after last appearing, but it now seems the fifty year-old has changed his mind. The Golden Globes Awards is set to debut their 69th annual event in Beverly Hills, California on January 15th 2012.

Gervais is widely known for his long running creation, the UK’s The Office, as well as Life’s Too Short. His additional credits also include Munchies, the big screen feature The Invention of Lying, the TV movie Comic Relief 2009, the television series Extras, Le bureau, Ricky Gervais Meets…Gary Shandling, The long running animated Fox series The Simpsons, the 2005 show entitled Stromberg, Meet Ricky Gervais the series, the 2000 show Bruiser, Comedy Lab, Cemetery Junction, several documentaries, and more.

What do you think of Ricky Gervais reprising his gig as The Golden Globes host? Will he pull in the ratings, and make some laughs along the way?