PRIVATE PRACTICE “Who We Are & The Breaking Point” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE Season 5 Episode 8 & 9, “Who We Are & The Breaking Point” – The moment when Amelia’s boyfriend proposed would have been so sweet if they weren’t strung out on drugs. The intervention was so bad from the start, from Dr. Reily attending to Addison turning on the intervention director.They also seemed really eager to give up at the first sign of trouble. Shouldn’t doctors have more perseverance in the face of adversity?

All of Amelia’s really nasty speeches would have been a lot more effective if they weren’t so true. The rape crack was painful to hear, but all the others were just bitterly issued statements I’ve said in my reviews.

The flashbacks to Amelia’s dads shooting were really powerful. I think they worked because the memories were through a child’s eyes.

I really don’t get how doctors can all get together and decide the best plan is to give a druggie drugs, but Amelia crushing and snorting the drugs in front of all of them was the most effective of this season of Private Practice, it was the ultimate, “screw you” to the rest of the doctors,

One last time is a line along the lines of “nothing bad will happen” and “it can’t get any worse” they should never be said, because they always lead to bad things.

I like that they finally made Dr.Reilly a little more three dimensional with his grief over the loose of his wife. And I did not see the drug addict angle coming, that makes his argument with Sam so much more interesting.

Amelia’s decision to go to rehab seemed to come on a little too quickly in the midst of her breakdown over Ryan’s death. One minute she was hysterical the next she was calm and determined.

The friendship between Addison and Violet still seems really unnatural. We need Amelia to get sober again so Addison has someone else to talk to.

Amelia helping her fellow detoxer was really sweet, but is medical expertise really enough to counteract her brain detoxing? I mean I know, from watching TV that withdrawal makes you think you have bugs on you, a lot of people are aware of that phenomena, but isn’t withdrawal suppose to take all rational thought from you?

I wasn’t going to get invested in the cute dying kid story, but when he overheard no family wanted to hold his hand while he undergoes treatment I was in. He just looked so little and scared.

Amelia’s breakdown over Ryan seemed a little anti-climatic. It was obvious she was feeling guilty over him, but an eighteen year old getting her there was an interesting twist.

You knew Cooper was going to miss his kid’s play. It’s like a rule of Private Practice that parents will epically disappoint there kids. Why did he schedule the procedure for that day?

Amelia’s apology speech was nothing exciting, but the moment she locks eyes with the returning eighteen year old, you know she’s really motivated to get clean and stay clean.

The best moment of “Who We Are & Breaking Point” was Cooper’s kid winning sweetest kid of the year showing the sick kid who made his dad miss his play how to play Pokemon.

And even after two hours, we still just get Addison picking up the pregnancy test. I understand the need for a last hook and dramatic tension but that kind of suspense just seems mean.

What did you think of the double episode? Will Addison be pregnant? Will Amelia stay clean?