PARKS AND RECREATION “The Smallest Park” Review

Parks and Recreation

PARKS AND RECREATION “The Smallest Park” Season 4 Episode 8 – Leslie learned a lot about herself on PARKS AND RECREATION this week, and what she did learn seems to be enough to bring her and Ben back together! Leslie and Ben fans, can I get a resounding “Yay!”, please?

In “The Smallest Park” the Parks and Recreation department work to open a park that is only 0.000003 square miles. This is something the department can pull off without a hitch, but Ben steps in to make things a little more interesting. He decides that he wants the Smallest Park project to be the last that he works on with Leslie, and that Chris will be stepping in for all of the Park and Rec projects. Leslie doesn’t take kindly to this and “steamrolls” the project – pushing for a November 2070 launch date.

When Ben calls her out on her behavior and when Ann agrees, Leslie is forced to make a decision. She can either continue to be a steamroller, or she can (as she put it) hang up her “rolly thing on the front of the machine”. Leslie chooses option B, and this results in her kissing Ben in the Smallest Park. Ben and Leslie seem like they’re headed for a reunion!

Meanwhile, Tom and Jerry are tasked with putting together a new logo (read: picking out a new font) for the Parks and Recreation department. Tom of course goes completely over the top, but is reigned back in by his “number 4”, Jerry.

April and Ron push Andy to find a college course that he likes, but it turns out school is expensive! So Ron awards Andy a scholarship (the first “Ron Swanson Scholarship”) to allow him to take a class in woman studies.

While this wasn’t the strongest episode of Parks and Recreation this season has seen so far, it was still heartwarming and funny. There is never an episode of this show where I leave disappointed and that doesn’t happen with other shows. There’s always at least one episode that leaves me wanting more, but Parks and Recreation has a way of fulfilling my need for my favorite Pawnee residents.

Personally, I feel this stems from the different story lines running through each episode. Even if I’m not totally satisfied with Leslie, I can turn to April and Andy and know that they’ll save the 24 minute show. “The Smallest Park” was no exception. While Tom and Jerry weren’t the best part of the series, the last five minutes of Leslie and Ben were worth the wait.

Some of my favorite lines:

  • Chris: “Take these words and make something amazing.”
    Tom: “So you’re saying you want me to choose a new font?”
    Chris: “Yes. Essentially, I’d like you to choose a new font.”
  • Andy: “I did not graduate college because I did not attend it.”
  • Jerry: “I think that Comic Sans always screams fun, right? But, man, those R’s in Helvetica, they’re just really popping for me.”
  • What did you think of Parks and Recreation this week?

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