PERSON OF INTEREST “Foe” Season 1 Episode 8 – Another LOST alum has come to Person of Interest in tonight’s episode “Foe”. That’s right, to join the man formerly known as Ben Linus, the man who was known as the enigmatic Charles Widmore plays our POI this week, played by the wonderful Alan Dale.

Dale is one of those character actors who plays those cool English guys who brings an automatic gravitas and coolness to whatever character he’s playing. Even though he’s from New Zealand, he’s got that awesome gravelly accent that makes you listen closely to whatever he’s saying. We find out early on that his character, Kohl, is hunting down old team mates from a para-military operation he was on back in the war. He blames them for the death of his wife, so now he’s here to seek vengeance.

After killing a few old German dudes, he finds out that the wife he thought was dead has actually been alive all this time! I’m not sure why the first couple victims didn’t volunteer this information before being killed, but whatever. Seeing Reese and Finch racing to find Anja was cool, especially seeing Reese stopping that consulate car with that awesome rifle. The coolness of this scene was a bit offset by Reese getting easily taken down by an old man, but I guess it’s a bit refreshing to see Reese getting his butt kicked for once.

The main case of the week was broken up by a few of Reese’ flashbacks. Reese was meeting an agent named Stanton, and while it’s difficult to nail down exactly when this was supposed to take place in Reese’ timeline, it sounds like it was pretty early on. It was interesting to see a more rigid and restrained Reese, as Stanton kept telling him to loosen up. We’ve since seen that Reese has taken her words to heart and become a lot less conservative.

Anyways, after Kohl finds out that his wife has had a daughter in the states this whole time, he takes her to Central Park to have a good ol’ fashioned Mexican stand-off with Reese. After he’s shot and says goodbye to his wife and daughter, he dies all alone on a bench in the park. This was an adequately exciting and fitting end for the story, and it was an overall solid episode. I’m excited to see what they have in store for the episode after Thanksgiving, as we’re off next week for the holiday. I’ll see you all then!

Random Thoughts:

– I thought that the “number” that comes up for the persons of interest referred to a social security number. How would Kohl’s number come up if he’s German? Did they say that he’s a US citizen and somehow got a social?

– Wow, you really could hear the construction foreman’s conversation very clearly after he put his phone in his pocket.

– Geez, is Central Park the biggest park in the world? The gunshot sounded so close, and everybody ran to the scene, but it didn’t look like they got there for like ten minutes.