AMERICAN HORROR STORY (FX) Open House Episode 7 (5)

AMERICAN HORROR STORY “Open House” Episode 7 – This just in for the male demographic of AMERICAN HORROR STORY never let Moira version 1.0 anywhere near your man parts. If you make her angry, it won’t end well.

In “Open House” Vivien and Ben are finally attempting to sell the house. Why they don’t just up and leave and take the loss is beyond me, especially after everything we learned this week. It’s hard to keep track of what we as the audience are aware of and what the characters know, and as the story progresses I have to constantly remind myself that Vivien (for some odd reason) doesn’t realize she’s seeing ghosts, and Violet has no idea that Tate is dead.

That’s really the only big issue I have with American Horror Story, and that’s only because I need to pay closer attention to the story. This week the murder house sees two potential buyers: Joe, a wealthy investor that wants to level the place and build apartments, and our very own Larry.

Larry wants the house so he can live happily ever after with Constance. In flashbacks, we see the two of them together when Constance used to live in the murder house. She convinces Larry (not burned yet) to “take care of” her younger son, Beau. Apparently she feels that the kid won’t be able to live without her if she’s put away because of Tate. I feel Beau would’ve been better off institutionalized instead of locked away in an attic with Constance for a month.

In present time, Vivien leaves nothing out of the showing of her home and Joe seems unconcerned about the murders that took place in the house. Moira v1.0 turns sex goddess and seduces Joe – I guess as a way to ensure that he would buy the house and build the swimming pool he was talking about? This would ensure that Moira’s corpse was found (along with Hayden and probably countless others), so it stands to reason Moira would be good to go with this. It’s Constance that foils the maids plan (again), by trying to convince Joe not to build on the land. She gives him some song and dance about building on top of the past (if American Horror Story turns out to be like Poltergeist this soliloquy makes perfect sense) when in actuality she just doesn’t want to lose her dead children.

This is where a warning goes out to all the male fans. Moira calls over Joe for some after hour activities. While she’s busy… erm… distracting him in the basement of the house, she gets a little rough and well… chops off a very beloved part of Mr. Joe’s anatomy. Larry drags the man off before his final breaths so his spirit won’t return to the house.

Whoa, American Horror Story just… whoa.

Other things that happened:

  • Turns out Larry didn’t actually kill his entire family. Ben did some digging and discovered that the guy spent the last two years hospitalized, not in prison.
  • Tate tells Violet to stop cutting herself. She apparently listens.
  • Vivien has some alone time with herself and imagines a playdate with the security guard, Ben, and then the rubber man… what is happening??
  • Viv is having twins! With no hooves or horns. According to the doctor, the babies are totally fine.
  • Tate schools Violet about dealing with the ghosts of the house. He shows her how to make them leave her alone, and it works on one of the nurses. Apparently Violet can see the spirits because she’s “enlightened”.
  • We get a little more history on Dr. Charles and Norah. Turns out that Charles decided to sew their baby back together and use a “beating heart from one of their girls” to bring the kid back to life.
  • Norah realizes that her son is not human (tries to kill him/it with a letter opener after a failed breast feeding), and that she and the good doctor have made some horrible mistakes. She’s the one that pulls the trigger on her husband, and then turns the gun on herself.
  • Questions that I hope are answered soon:

  • What’s up with the rubber suit guy? I’m convinced it’s Constance’s husband. The one she offed when she walked in on him with Moira.
  • Why did the nurse pass out when she saw the babies and suddenly they’re fine?
  • Is Ben the father? Is fetish suit?
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