COVERT AFFAIRS “A Girl Like You” Review

Covert Affairs

COVERT AFFAIRS “A Girl Like You” Season 2 Episode 13 – Eyal Levin is back this week, but the question is why? Annie is told to keep tabs on him after he impersonates a CIA agent to get close to an FBI asset, but it soon becomes clear that there’s more to Eyal’s tale of wanting to find a deep cover Mossad agent who has fallen silent.

After the asset is killed and both Annie and Eyal are taken temporarily into FBI custody, and Eyal is officially flown out of the country (except not really), Eyal tells Annie the truth. The so-called agent, Cardinal, is actually the man behind a massacre nine years ago in which Eyal’s sister, Sarah, died. Eyal got wind of his whereabouts and is here to take him out. Annie declares this a suicide mission, makes as if she’s about to have sex with him, and instead ties him to the bedposts.

Which is a good plan — until Cardinal and his men arrive to kill Eyal. By the time Annie joins in the fray, Eyal’s been shot and both he and Cardinal make for the roof. There’s a gunshot…but who’s dead? Cardinal, of course. When FBI agent Vincent turns up, Jai claims it was he who fired the fatal shots, leaving Eyal free to, well, be thrown out of the country. Again.

Meanwhile, Auggie asks Joan to help him get Parker’s peace corp assignment changed to somewhere that isn’t Eritrea, but then changes his mind and instead files a ‘close and continuing relationship form’.

There were two good things about this episode. Firstly, Eyal’s back. I adore his character. Yeah, he’s a bit of an ass, and there’s more than a touch of misogyny in his attitude too, but he’s a fun guest star and he and Annie have great chemistry. Secondly, the twist in the episode was pretty decent, if badly written.

And that brings me to what I didn’t like about this episode: there was so much cutesy Eyal/Annie stuff and such a long lead up to the twist in the plot that it sort of fell flat for me. Were we supposed to empathise with Eyal’s 0.35 second long explanation of his backstory? Were we supposed to root for Eyal/Annie in some way, shape or form? Because I spent most of the episode feeling sorry for Vincent Whatshisname over at the FBI, who just can’t catch a break.

And that’s without mentioning Auggie and Jai. Poor Jai finally gets back into the field and has something to do and, uh, he doesn’t get to do anything. Well, he pissed off Joan, which is always fun, but the climax of the episode leads him to happily claim to have killed someone and act like he really doesn’t mind. And his screen time in that part lasted all of maybe 30 seconds? Guess you’re being stuffed back into your shiny new office again, Jai.

And Auggie… I like Parker, I do. But I also like some semblence of pacing in my TV viewing. How long passed between last week’s episode and this week? I don’t know, but unless it was a few months I cannot see why Auggie is filing a close and continuing relationship form so early. He barely knows the girl! If their relationship is going to follow Covert Affairs standards then they’ll probably be broken up by next week.

But then considering Annie is running for her life every single week and is currently living in a safe house that she can’t even let her handler know the location of – and yet she was back on another date this week? Maybe I will root for Auggie/Parker. At least he can take her back to his place (assuming she ever left).

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