BODY OF PROOF “Love Bites” Review

BODY OF PROOF “Love Bites” Season 2 Episode 8 – One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to procedural crime dramas is overly contrived murder scenarios. Last night, Body of Proof gave us “Love Bites,” which included a death by rare African viper which resulted in complete exsanguination thanks to an experimental anti-coagulant.

I realize that it’s necessary for writers to come up with fresh, new, never-before-seen ways to kill their characters, but there’s a point when it just becomes unbelievable and all the audience can do is roll their eyes.

This week’s victim died a horrible, bloody death because she wanted to date a rich doctor rather than a man who shucks oysters in an airport restaurant. For that, she apparently deserved getting a baby viper in her shoulder bag. Jealousy is always a viable motive for murder, but that doesn’t make it any less overdone.

The real news in this week’s episode is that Kate decided to end her ill-conceived relationship with her co-worker’s ex-husband. Feeling like she was tossed into the middle of Megan’s family drama (where did she think she was going to end up?), Kate broke up with Todd and seems okay with her decision for the time being.

Meanwhile, Megan tried to decorate Lacey’s bedroom in her apartment, only to realize that she was trying to control her daughter’s life as her own mother always did to her. Megan’s really trying to be a good mother and that’s commendable. It helps that Lacey isn’t a total brat, like most TV teenagers.

It was another average episode of Body of Proof. I think they’re really trying to go for a Bones feel with the quirky lab staff, but it’s like comparing carob to chocolate. It might look the same, but you know which one is the real deal.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know below!