RINGER “Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna” Review

RINGER Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna Episode 9 (5)

RINGER “Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna” Episode 9 – Malcolm is living with Charlie, Bridget is in love with Andrew, Henry is about to be blackmailed by Andrew’s business partner, and Gemma isn’t dead!

You are now all caught up on The CW’s RINGER.

In all seriousness, this week’s episode “Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna” actually moved along several plot lines nicely. With Malcolm living in Charlie’s house it becomes obvious pretty quickly that something isn’t on the up and up with his new sponsor. After doing some investigating (and digging through Charlie’s drawers and cabinets), Malcolm discovers that there really isn’t any way Charlie is who he claims to be. He takes his concerns to Bridget and quickly the pair come to the conclusion that Charlie is up to no good. It seems that Charlie is actually named John and he’s an alcoholic.

In an attempt to find out what was actually going on with her sister, Bridget meets with Siobhan’s psychiatrist who is shocked by the progress her patient is making. It turns out that Shiobhan was a little paranoid and confided in her doctor that she was positive someone was following her and out to get her. Bridget also discovers that she’s falling in love with Andrew. So… there’s something that she’s going to have to deal with. I think it’s pretty much breaking the girl code when you fall in love with your twin sister’s husband.

Charlie and Siobhan talk and we discover that Gemma is alive and being held against her will in the basement of Charlie’s actual house. Malcolm is SECONDS away from finding her when Charlie ends up returning to the apartment, but thankfully Malcolm isn’t caught. He also knows that Bridget is onto him, and calls Siobhan to find out what to do about this issue.

We’re going to have to wait until November 29th to discover exactly what happens, but in the meantime, Ringer gave us plenty of things to think about.

  • What is Bridget going to do with she finds out that Gemma is alive and well in Charlie’s basement? It’s not like she can go to the cops with this information without Charlie giving up the information he has on Bridget.
  • Now that Bridget is in love with Andrew how do that effect this relationship? Will Bridget continue to play the dutiful wife? What happens when Gemma comes back, because you KNOW she’ll blow Bridget’s cover.
  • I fear that Malcolm is not long for the Ringer cast. While Bridget does need a confidant that actually knows the truth, I think it’s only a matter of time before Charlie takes care of him.
  • I loved that we finally saw Henry and Gemma’s kids! I was beginning to think the little buggers didn’t even exist.
  • I’m pleased that Ringer actually gave us some answers as opposed to more questions, and the twists came at a perfect time as the show was dangerously close to boring me. We’ll see what happens on the 29th!

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