RAISING HOPE “Burt’s parents” Review

RAISING HOPE “Burt’s Parents” Season 2 Episode 7 – After a couple great episodes the last few weeks, Raising Hope returned with “Burt’s Parents”. We’ve had a lot of great guest stars on this show in the past, and Burt’s titular parents were played by the great pair of Lee Majors and Shirley Jones.

When Burt accidentally invites his parents to his house for Thanksgiving, Virginia decides that they need to pretend to be a rich family and celebrate the holiday in a fancier house. Burt has always struggled for his parent’s acceptance, as hilariously explained to us in a couple flashbacks (There’s two A’s in “Jackass”!) so he quickly obliged to this crazy plan. Also on board was Sabrina, who agreed to be Jimmy’s fake wife. These scenes were pretty great, including a couple great scenes. Burt choking and coughing through the 40 year old scotch and Cuban cigars, Sabrina’s story of Jimmy’s unfortunate accident, and everybody bursting into a rousing rendition of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” to commemorate the time being 7:14 were all highlights.

My only complaint of the episode would be that after seeing Jimmy being so hilarious for the last couple episodes, I was a bit disappointed that he took a back seat this episode. Burt is just as funny as always, but the episodes have been so great recently since they’ve focused so much on the star of their show. I’m hoping we can get back to highlighting Lucas Neff’s comedic chops in the next few episodes, as Burt and Virginia work best as supporting characters.

Apart from that minor complaint, this was another great episode for a show that is really hitting its stride in the second season. Raising Hope continues to be one of the best comedies on TV, and I hope it keeps it up!

Random Thoughts:

– This episode marked the first sighting of Goth Jimmy in season 2! I love how often this show keeps referencing characters or stories from previous seasons!

– As soon as I saw Maw Maw looking at the vibrating cell phone, I knew that something dirty would come out of her mouth. However, I wasn’t expecting something quite as..forward as what she said. Pretty hilarious.

– I’ve just about had it with Virginia mispronouncing words. I can’t remember the last time I laughed at that.

  • guest

    sorry to disagree with you but last season was much funnier. this season is boring. 

  • LowKeyLoki

    I absolutely adore it when Virginia mispronounces words!!!
    It’s not a laugh out loud moment for me, it’s just an endearing character trait.