LAST MAN STANDING “Home Security” Review

Last man standing home security

LAST MAN STANDING “Home Security” Season 1 Episode 7 – In the wake of series creator Jack Burditt leaving the show in the last week, Last Man Standing returned this week with “Home Security”. I know the question on everybody’s mind is “Will this show maintain its quality without the vision of its original creator?” Oh wait, nobody’s thinking that. My bad. He’s still listed as an executive producer on the show, at least, but Andy Gordon has been promoted as the showrunner.

Anyway, after hearing about a break-in in his neighborhood, Mike and his wife decide that they need to invest in a new security system to protect their family. The voice cues were a cute idea, and Eve talking about her mom being neutralized was funny, but my biggest problem was with Mandy’s reaction. She just came off sounding way too smart. I mean I get that she’s concerned with being caught after curfew, but saying that her “personal liberties are being compromised” was pretty difficult to believe. I do like seeing flashes of similarities between her and Mike, though.

After installing this goofy security system complete with Mike’s voice, Vanessa decides that she wants to start a neighborhood watch. This led to a couple good scenes involving Mike having a hard time getting along with his neighborhood friends. Some of them were pretty funny, like the woman who kept correcting everybody and the guy with the sailor cap. Unfortunately, the majority of the screen time went to the painfully unfunny “Officer” Marvin. This guy was not funny to begin with, and he got worse and worse as this scene went on. I thought this whole neighborhood watch story got wrapped up pretty quickly and conveniently. I mean, the entire neighborhood thinks that Vanessa accused somebody of having an affair, and all it takes is a meat loaf from the fifties to win her back over? I know she’s probably one of the worst characters on the show thus far, but she doesn’t need to be this vapid and transparent.

The B-story this week followed Ed as he prepared for a negotiation between him and the sales rep that keeps selling him merchandise he doesn’t need. This was also an OK idea for a story that somehow was all over too quickly. They built up so much to him meeting the rep, and then all we see is a girl walk in and it cuts to the next morning? Lame.

So the first episode after the shakeup from the showrunners maintains the sub-par level of quality that we’ve had thus far in the season. The good news for Last Man Standing, however, is that the kind of people that will watch this show don’t care about the showrunners! So, you know, whatever…

Random Thoughts:

– Have we ever been told that Nancy Travis’ character is a geologist? Those jokes felt like they came out of nowhere.

– Was this the first time we’ve seen Kristin out of her waitress outfit? She was in like three different outfits! I think she looks cutest as a waitress, actually.

– Being from Southern California, I don’t know anybody out here who has a basement. Does anybody living in other parts of the country or world have any bomb shelters for basements? They had to have made houses like that back in the fifties.