2 BROKE GIRLS “And The Really Petty Cash” Review

2 BROKE GIRLS “And The Really Petty Cash” Season 1 Episode 9 – In this episode Johnny’s ultra cool girlfriend Cashandra (also called Cash for short and because she’s ultra cool and there’s a Johnny Cash joke which needed to be wedged into this episode) hires Max and Caroline to cater cupcakes at her party. Of course this brings Max into close proximity with Johnny and offers the writers plenty of room to explore the will they/ won’t they relationship between their characters while eventually figuring out that their relationship is far less interesting than the relationship between Max and Caroline, who wind up in bed after a cupcake fight covered in frosting.

The problem with the Max and Johnny relationship is sort of the same problem with the Jess and Nick relationship on New Girl. Despite the fact that they’re both good looking people, they just don’t have much chemistry. But in looking for a good heterosexual coupling, there is not much pickings beyond Johnny. Max certainly isn’t going to get with Oleg, Hans or Earl. The show shot itself in the foot by making these characters nothing more than racist caricatures instead of characters waiting to be developed. So now it has to drag in guest stars to act as the romantic lead, which is not very effective because it’s so rare that a guest star is a performer ardent enough to steal the show in the short time he’s on screen. Plus, rarely does the chemistry written by writers work when it’s translated to screen.

That Johnny steals a secret kiss from Max was an interesting turn. They may not have much chemistry, but at least the show isn’t trying to make him out to be the bland, hero guy. Instead he’s sort of the jerk girls would fall for, and it makes sense that Max likes him.

If the show was daring, a Max and Caroline romantic pairing could be amazing. They have chemistry and, to my mind, there’s never been a network show staring a couple of lesbians. Plus, the best parts of the show are when the two of them are just hanging out, bantering.

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