BORED TO DEATH “Two Large Pearls and a Bar of Gold” Review

BORED TO DEATH “Two Large Pearls and a Bar of Gold” Season 3 Episode 6 – As a bit of background, prior to this episode of Bored to Death, George has agreed to sing in a musical revue and has found the perfect, pot-smoking singing coach. Ray still has a serious case of elder love that he satisfies with Belinda and Jonathan is still in search for clues that will lead him to his biological father.

Ray is finally caught in the elder love act! Most scripted television cheaters get caught in the bedroom or somewhere else in the midst of passion. In true Bored to Death fashion, Ray is caught in a super-sudsy bubble bath at the start of what appeared to be a really awkward game of “find the treasure.” Leah catching Ray and Belinda in the act was a welcome disruption.

George’s new lover Josephine is definitely a keeper. I absolutely loved that she came out to comfort Ray, despite not knowing who he was.

Jonathan’s assignment tonight provided the perfect balance of comedy, action and matching outfits! Jonathan actually had two assignments – protect the wedding necklace of his sex-crazed college girlfriend and fulfill the long-standing pact he made with her about her wedding night. George did a great job at selecting khakis, turtlenecks and matching hats from J. Crew to wear to the assignment. It did not occur to me until Patty’s dad pointed it out – the guys really did resemble a trio of longshoremen.

The best moments of Bored to Death are when the guys are sharing stories from their lives and giving each other advice. Perhaps the most insightful moment of the night was the revelation that the guys may not be emotionally available to the women in their lives but they are certainly emotionally available to each other.

Jonathan displayed some pretty crafty moves from his fencing days. He was also quite adept at defending himself with one hand while the other hand was restricted by a briefcase. After seeing Ray hide behind sex-crazed Patty and George mishandling the flag pole, it was clear that Jonathan needed to be crafty at single-armed combat.

As usual, Bored to Death was funny and the moments between George, Jonathan, and Ray never disappoint. Sound off below with your thoughts about tonight’s episode. Would you have made good on the pact with Patty? Is impotence contagious, as Jonathan speculated?