ALLEN GREGORY “Gay School Dance” Review

ALLEN GREGORY “Gay School Dance” Season 1, Episode 3 – After Allen Gregory was forced to drink toilet water by Joel and his buddies, Richard DeLongpre decides the best way to get Allen Gregory what he wants is to ensure that the school dance be a “Gay School Dance” so that Joel and Allen Gregory would be forced to spend quality time together.

Although there’s no indication that school policy prohibits kids from asking fellow students of their own gender to the dance, Richard pulls the anti-gay discrimination card on Principal Gottleib. She is opposed to the idea, arguing that the school can’t force kids to be straight or gay but after Richard threatens to call Superintendent Rossmore, Principal Gottleib buckles and Richard takes charge of organizing the dance.

I’m not sure how many 7 year old elementary school students regularly go to dances where they have to ask a date anyway. I always thought that early elementary school students were more interested in battles on the handball court, freeze tag, and tether-ball, but I guess in Allen Gregory‘s world, 7 year olds go to school dances. At night. Without their parents.

Part of Richard’s planning for the “Gay School Dance” is to find a DJ and you’d think that with Jeremy recently landing a job as a roller rink DJ, he’d be a shoo-in for the job. Then you remember we’re talking about Richard DeLongpre and remember that he is only capable of malice, so he proceeds to get Jeremy fired from his DJ job. Big surprise.

Obviously Allen Gregory hates Jeremy, but Richard seems to despise him on some sinister level. I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually found out that Richard’s entire relationship with Jeremy has been a complicated revenge scheme to ruin Jeremy’s life after Jeremy accidentally took the last muffin at Starbucks one fateful day many years ago. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the heck Jeremy sticks around at all. Even if he doesn’t go back to his wife and child, any life away from the wretched DeLongpre family would be an improvement. He should take Julie with him.

The same issues I had with the last episode were still present in tonight’s episode of Allen Gregory. The main characters are heartless without any redeemable qualities while the nice characters are simply used as fodder for cruel jokes and abuse. There are some clever lines peppered throughout, but because I despise the characters so much, I’m having a hard time laughing at any of the gags in Allen Gregory.