NIKITA “London Calling” Review

NIKITA “London Calling” Season 2 Episode 8 – In this week’s episode, Michael heads off to London to meet his son and Cassandra. After they’re attacked, Nikita joins them. Meanwhile, Percy continues his weird schemes with Alex by paying her to transfer money for him while Sean tries to seduce her out of her relationship with Nikita.

The decision to cast Maggie Q as Nikita immediately just upped the quality of the action above the usual standard television show, and that means that all of the other actors (and their stunt guys) have to up the level of physicality. That was pretty evident in the fight scene between Michael and the hitmen out trying to kill Cassandra. After watching Chuck, which featured a bunch of quick cuts and extreme close ups in the fight scene so that you couldn’t tell exactly what was going on, I was just supremely impressed by Shane West’s physicality in the fight. Of course Maggie Q rules the roost – she did that ridiculously awesome run on the ceiling – the freakin’ ceiling! – but it’s just the level of care put into the action sequences that makes this show a step above the other spy shows since 24.

Of course things get deeper in both stories. Sean decides to come right out and tell Alex his angle, and Percy’s money transfer activates some weird second protocol to some dude who does not look like a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, Cassandra turns out to be MI6 and the money was stolen by her handler Nigel. Nikita sees that Michael belongs with his child and the mother of his child and tells him to stay with him, walking away. The problem with this resolution is that while it seems like something Nikita might do, it also seems like a big plot contrivance. I’m not sure how introducing Michael’s son is going to help the show. It’s not like Michael’s son is a seventeen year old who could become a character. He’s just a little boy who needs to be protected. The whole Michael’s son plotline is one I’m still pretty wary about.

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