CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Frosted Tips” Review

CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Frosted Tips” Season 5 Episode 3 – My biggest concern going into this season of Chuck was the whole Morgan has the Intersect storyline. This bugged a bunch of Chuck fans, but I’m in the minority (I think) when it comes to Morgan Grimes. I think his character is the least interesting and most annoying in the world of Chuck and every time the show decides to spend time expanding the bromance between Chuck and Morgan and leave Sarah as the useless third wheel and occasional obstacle to their cool fun plans, I just go in for the facepalm.

However, the show has made Morgan’s Intersect plot an interesting dilemma, particularly in this episode as it serves to exacerbate his ego and completely overtake his personality. In a sense they’ve made Morgan more annoying than ever before, but because it has such great emotional resonances for the rest of the team – mostly Chuck – it proved to be a surprisingly brilliant plotline. It gave Sarah a chance to step up to the plate and while Chuck was bemoaning the end of the friendship, she stepped into gear and worked out that the Intersect was indeed poisoning Morgan.

The whole Casey subplot with Carrie Ann Moss was rife with chemistry and their fight scene was brilliant. Interspaced with Morgan and Chuck’s fight, it was a brilliant reminder that a bigger fight doesn’t necessarily mean bigger stakes. Morgan had dozens of bodies lying on the floor, but it was Casey handcuffing Gertrude which featured the pinnacle of the fighting.

This was a really good episode and I hope it bodes well for the rest of the series. I’m still interested in the consequences of going solo as mercenaries and though the show has only celebrated that so far, I’m looking forward to seeing what’ll happen when Carmichael Industries have their backs against the wall and have no CIA backup to help them out.

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