WHITNEY “Getting to Know You” Review

WHITNEY “Getting to Know You” Season 1 Episode 7 – As I learned tonight with “Getting to Know You,” Whitney seems to work best when Whitney herself is not acting totally and utterly cray-cray. I might even learn to tolerate her if she’d just stop constantly trying to one up the man she supposedly loves.

In this episode, Whitney and Alex going on a double date with Roxanne and her new guy, who turns out to be an identity thief. Way to pick ’em! While he’s peppering Alex with questions that will better enable him to create fake passports in Alex’s name, Whitney realizes there stuff she doesn’t know about her boyfriend.

Most women would shrug and accept that the goal of any good relationship is to always be learning something about your partner because knowing everything makes for a boring lifetime of boringness.

But in Whitney’s cray-cray mind, she has to help Alex reconnect with his old hobbies so that they can have more in common than just sex. She’s not alone in wanting to be something she’s not for her man’s sake; Lily dons a sari and learns to properly pronounce the names of Indian dishes in order to be more Indian for Neal, who doesn’t really want an Indian wife.

I know this is a sitcom and if the characters ever sat down and talked things over like adults they would never actually do anything, but Whitney seems to be more guilty of the crime of easily-resolved conflict than any other show I can think of that’s on television right now.

I fear that Alex is slowly being turned crazy himself simply by being around Whitney too much, but that might be hoping for an actual character arc which I’m not sure this show is capable of producing. It’s pretty much just gender jokes and cray-cray of the week.

What did you think of the episode? Is Thai food just Indian food with more peanut sauce? Let me know below!